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Patron Saint Days Vacation Ends

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Comandos again participate in the yearly procession of the Salvador del Mundo.

CDS does their yearly carrying of Salvador del Mundo from the Basílica del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús to the Central Metropolitan Cathedral in downtown San Salvador.

More than 50 Comandos carrying the weight.

The procession going along the Calle Rubén Darío in downtown San Salvador.

The new cardinal, Gregorio Rosa Chávez and the archbishop of San Salvador Monseñor José Luis Escobar Alas.

An Injury in Opico

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Una persona resultó con lesiones luego de accidentarse el automotor en el cual se conducía como pasajero contra un bus de la ruta 202 sobre la carretera Panamericana a la altura del desvió de San Juan Opico.

A CDS element from our satellite base in Ciudad Arce was immediately dispatched to assist 43yo Nora Imelda Cuestas Hernández who was in an MVA. The pt had been traveling as a passenger when the car crashed into a ruta 202 bus traveling along the Panamaerican Highway in San Juan Opico.  The patient was secured, packaged and transported to higher level of care.

CDS offering first aid while assessing level of consciousness.


Prepared for the Transfiguration Event

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CDS will have more than 500 volunteers and 25 ambulances ready at the annual transfiguration event in downtown San Salvador.

Socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento listos para la transfiguración del Divino Salvador del Mundo.

Patrullaje de Comandos de Salvamento en Feria Consuma.

Foto para el recuerdo.

Stand de Comando de Salvamento en pabellón 4 Feria Consuma.


CDS Present at the Comercio Parade

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Comandos de Salvamento dio seguridad pre hospitalaria durante el Desfile del Comercio que recorrió desde la Plaza Beethoven hasta las instalaciones del Parque Cuscatlán, donde miles de capitalino.

Comandos offered prehospital care support to attendees of the Comercio parade.  Since early morning the public has gathered to watch the colorful event.

Más de un centenar de voluntarios de Comandos de Salvamento participaron en el Desfile del Comercio.

Vigilancia de las carrozas para evitar accidentes.

Bellas reinas luciendo sus carrozas.

La alegría de personajes.

Bandas de paz.


Alegres payasos.

Bellas cachiporras.

Los viejos de agosto.


Disfrutando en familia.

Offering First Aid Healthcare

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Socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento mantienen un sistema de patrullajes tanto en el campo de la feria y Consuma, donde se ayuda a las personas que sufren cualquier tipo de dolencias como parte de la atención pre hospitalaria.

Comandos have a very well planned prehospital community health plan of response organized to support the wonderful Salvadoran public that are attending la Féria and Consuma events. Dozens of the public have sought health services already.  For the third of August, Comandos will have over 100 volunteers and 25 ambulances ready to attend the Comercio parade.

Comandos de Salvamento’s main station is located in building 4 at the Féria Consuma and flyers about our services can be obtained. Comandos are grateful for having the opportunity to support the public. ¡Viva EL SALVADOR!

Although the children are seeking out facepainting, the best painters are from Perú.

Arte de retrato artístico.

Comandos de Salvamento volunteer checking vitals.

Basic transport.

Comandos de Salvamento Informational booth.

August Patron Saint Days

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Comandos again supported the Salvadoran public with their vigilant presence at the Correros parade that started at Beethoven in Escalón and finished at parque Cuscatlan.  Comandos assisted patients presenting with heat exhaustion, dehydration, and had a system set up to reunite lost children with their parents.  The colorful parade kicked off the patron saint festival in honor of the Salvador del Mundo who watches over all those that live within the Capitol of San Salvador.

Comandos at la Féria

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Comandos participated again with an informational booth at la Féria CIFCO for the yearly consuma festival.  They also have first aid stations throughout la Féria.

We are also present with walk in clinic consultations, small surgery, and EMS transport service. Comandos will be present until the 6th of August and also have posts in other areas of the city and around the Cuscatlan stadium.

We will also be present at the national correro, comercial, and Salvador del Mundo events.