Patient Repatriated from Tapachula


Socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento trasladaron desde Tapachula México hasta su vivienda en San Salvador a Víctor Zetiño Orellana de 63 años, quien sufrió un derrame cerebral cuando se encontraba México. El señor Zetiño se encontraba en el Albergue El Buen Pastor y su trasladó se realizo por una gestión del el departamento de Gestión Humanitaria de el Ministerio de R.R.E.E. Los Comandos viajaron con una autorización de la secretaria de gobernación de Chiapas con el objetivo de no tener atrasos en los puestos fronterizos. En el Salvador Zetiño fue recibido por sus hijas y sus nietos en La Colonia San Patricio de San Salvador.


Fotos: Francisco Campos/CDS

Disturbios y Protesta


Comandos de Salvamento Community support EMS crews mediated and attended to injuries during a street protest against the Municipal Mayors office of San Salvador. The Unidad Mantenimiento de Orden (Riot police) were present.  The disturbances resulted in various injuries and others whose airways were affected by tear gas. Many were attended to in the emergency walk in clinic of the main base and others were transported to other hospitals throughout the city. One EMT resulted injured.

Veteran EMT Orsi, and another volunteer help a patient from an ambulance who was exposed to pepper gas thrown by riot police during the street protest in front of the Mayors office in San Salvador.  It is reported they were protesting against recent relocation orders around hospital zones while the Mayor’s government continues to uphold their city cleanup mandate in various parts of the city.

Mauricio Castro, a photojournalist of El Diario de Hoy is attended to at the main base walk in clinic by Comando Dr. Orellana. Mauricio suffered an injury in front of the Mayor’s office during the protests. Street sellers have concentrated themselves in front of the building along the Ave. Alameda Juan Pablo II. Comandos have had many brigades attending to emergencies throughout the zone

El Faro has a more thorough photo documentation here.

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Salvadorans Helping Salvadorans


San Miguelito, a neighborhood just north of down down San Salvador is known for its local Market. Anything can be bought there, from fresh flowers, piñatas, bridal dresses to fish or poultry. The female workers of the San Miguelito Market have shown their solidarity with the people of El Salvador in helping victims of Tropical Storm Agatha. They have gathered their resources and made fresh food for those affected in Puerto Parada. The sellers asked Comandos de Salvamento to help transport the food to shelters while they themselves handed it out. The invaluable labor and collaboration of the San Miguelito Market workers took place over the course of two day trips and they promise to be ready for future emergencies this year by bringing hot food to families in need.  During the event, children had the opportunity to break open two piñatas in order to bring happiness to the community.  Comandos de Salvamento wants to formally salute and thank the workers of the Mercado de San Miguelito for their availability and kindness. CDS will be ever ready with transport vehicles to help  when the need arises.

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