A ruta 119 bus lost it’s brakes and crashed into a bus and some cars in order to slow down and avoid a larger tragedy. CDS first responders assisted a female and her passenger involved. The 119 bus driver advised the passengers to hold on since the brakes went out and carefully used some minor collisions against other vehicles saving his passengers. Police showed up soon after to offer on scene support and to assure traffic didn’t come to a stop.

Al menos dos autos fueron impactados por el bus sin frenos.
Automóvil quedó entre las dos unidades del transporte colectivo.


Comandos de Salvamento first responders in action.

An MVA caused by a truck losing control caused many injuries on the main street, “called a Mariona” in front of the local jail Penal la Esperanza recently.

Some of the patients CDS transferred to higher level of care: José Anderson Flores, 5; Ashly Verenice Flores, 2 months old,  Blanca Estala García, de 27 años; José Santos Flores, de 30 y Carlos Antonio Rauda, de 53.

Many of our ambulances were dispatched to attend this Mass Casualty Incident. Many of the those affected were local street sellers that had businesses on the side of the street.

An EMT attends to one of the local sellers affected.


LOS COMANDOS Documentary

We thank Joshua Bennett and Juliana Schatz Preston for creating this documentary short that will give the viewer an honest portrait of the work we do in El Salvador. Some viewer discretion is advised since it shows the reality of EMS work in San Salvador. It will be announced on January 22 2019 if the documentary is nominated for an Oscar.

20 year anniversary on the internet

20 years ago Comando Leaders Eduardo Mayen, of the Dept de Prensa, Executive Director Roberto Cruz and Mark Hoffman founded the domain salvamento dot org. The site moved from being managed by frontpage and dreamweaver to the wordpress CMS in 2009. Multilingual support was awarded to us for free by the team over at WPML. Even though much of the internet landscape has changed with social networking, we thank you all for being with us for the long haul. Happy New Year!

Los Comandos Shortlisted for the 2019 Oscars

We are extremely proud to announce that a short subject documentary about us has been shortlisted for an Oscar nomination for the 91st annual Academy Awards by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! We will soon know if it has been nominated by mid January .

“Los Comandos” (of which yes we call ourselves all the time) was directed by Joshua Bennet and Juliana Schatz in 2017, at a time that International Journalism started to notice us due to the politicization of gang violence and immigration. We are glad for the recognition and have dealt with community violence, war, man made, and natural disasters for almost 60 years.

The protagonist of the documentary, Mimi, has been a Comando since 2014 and was one of two female Comandos that were trained in high angle rescue with Veteran Comando Edgar Jhonny Ramos in 2015 when she was 13 years of age.

As a result of our institution promoting gender equality, Mimi and another Comando were the first females to rappel from a Huey Helicopter at our infamous yearly rescue simulation at Majahual beach where we collaborate with the Salvadoran Air Force practicing deep water rescues for Semana Santa vacations.  Below the Oscar nominated trailer is footage of this event.

Congratulations Comandos throughout El Salvador and continue to do the good work. Vamos a ver si ganamos. Fuerza a ayudar a su prójimo.

Beach Rescue Practice with the Salvadoran Airforce

An MVA involving public transport causes 10 injured

Socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento auxilian a una de las lesionadas.

Microbús de la ruta 109 se estrelló contra un poste del tendido eléctrico.

Around 10 civilians were injured during a collective motor vehicle accident involving routed 109 and 113 . EMS from Comandos de Salvamento used four ambulances to transport the patients

Cerca de 10 lesionados deja el accidente.

La zona dejó sin energía varios sectores.

Los lesionados fueron ingresados a los centros asistenciales.

Tres de los lesionados fueron ingresados a la Clínica de Emergencia de Comandos de Salvamento.

Una paramédico de Comandos de Salvamento auxilia a una mujer lesionada.

4 ambulancias de Comandos de Salvamento intervinieron en el percance.

Salvadoran EMS, USAR and Community Health

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