Primer convivio de jóvenes socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador.

Authorities of the new Board of Directors of Comandos de Salvamento El Salvador, held the first gathering for the young rescuers as a form of gratitude despite the pandemic that the country is facing.

The young volunteers from Ciudad Arce, Tepecoyo, El Congo, Zapotitán, Santa Ana and Quezaltepeque, came together to share a time of healthy recreation and in this way thank all the effort they make to cover emergencies at the national level.

CDS  also thanked the companies and entities such as Pettenati, Topao, ODESSA, Muebles Encima and the City Hall of Ciudad Arce, for the support they provided so that this gathering would take place.

In addition, to Mr. Smelin Portillo and a Funeral Home, because in this way some prizes were awarded to the lifeguards, who others enjoyed sporting events and swimming in the recreational center where said gathering took place.

Rescue Commands presented plaques of recognition to the Pettenati company, American Park, Termos del Río and the Mayor of Ciudad Arce, Francisco Morán, for the contribution made during the emergency of the pandemic and the strengthening of the young rescuers.

MCI MVA with 2 DOA

CDS responded to an Mass Casualty Incident MVA that involved a bus and a car along KM 28 along the Pan-american Highway where a female and minor were DOA and others with multiple injuries. The incident took place near Santa Cruz Michapa in  Cuscatlán.

CDS did what they could to secure, triage and securely package the injured and supported forensics in identifying the deceased.

Attending to multiple patients.


Six males that were leaving a bar were machine gunned down this afternoon.  Comandos de Salvamento arrived on scene and attended to the victims barely presenting vitals until declared deceased by the forensic team out of Medicina Legal.

Another victim was outside the establishment expired due to multiple gunshots.

The event took place along 24ª. Avenida Norte y Calle El Tamarindo near to the Tiendona Market. CDS stayed for crowd control and to assist forensic detectives.


On the right, Licda. Rubia Guadalupe Palacios de Clímaco handing out masks for PPE protocols throughout all our bases.

The Board of Directors of Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador gave their delegations a batch of masks that were recently donated by the authorities of the Ministry of Health and Social Assistance.

The masks come to help first responders to be part of their biosecurity team during emergencies that are covered daily and due to the COVID pandemic, the protection of volunteers is urgent.

The President of Comandos de Salvamento, Licda. Rubia Guadalupe Palacios de Clímaco, affirmed that it seeks to strengthen the biosecurity measures of the first-aid personnel since most of them are young people who dedicate their free time to help those in need regardless of their race, religion or political creed.

Delegate members receive masks.

We Honor Manuel Funes


CDS leaders and volunteers supported Manuel’s family and handed his mother the Guardian Angel Medallion given by the governing body of Comandos de Salvamento.  This designated him as a hero of CDS SINCE HE GAVE OVER 25 years of his life to serve Salvadorans when they are most in need. Manuel was buried in La Bermeja cemetery where he was given well deserved honor for his service. Feliz viaje amigo.

Campos entrega medal a mamá de manuel.
Francisco Campos de la Junta Directiva y otros de la institución apoyando a la madre y familia de Manuel.

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