Into Oncoming Traffic

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Comandos EMS volunteers responded to a MVA located at Bulevar Tutunichapa and la 5a. Av. Norte inn Sal Salvador this afternoon.  The accident happened due to a vehicle with licence plate number N-2919 crossed lanes into oncoming traffic crashing into two microbuses per statements of witnesses on scene. One patient was transferred to the hospital “Diagnositico” while two others were taken to the National Social Security hospital. CDS attended to 50 yo Idalia Nerio de Espeinal and 23 yo Tania Idalia Espinal who were driving the car with license plate P462-442. Other vehicles included was a Supreme Justice Court microbus N-7549. Photo: KAMALA/CDS

Multi Casualty MVA



EMT’s from Comandos de Salvamento attended to 20 adult and children patients that were injured in a traffic accident at KM 5.5 on Highway Troncal del Norte, north of San Salvador. They were all in the back of a black pickup. National Civilian Police participated in transporting. Patients that were transferred to hospital ERs were the following: Number represents age of patient. Fotos: KAMALA/CDS

Fatima Nohemí Ruiz 4
Maino Emanuel Nerio10
,Jairo Antonio Garcia 10
Nestor Emiliano García 8
Maino Jonatan Francisco 9
Luis Gomez 10
Katerine Estefani Rodríguez 6
Ileana Magali García 6
Juan Francisco Ruiz 30
María Mercedes Nerio 50
Alejandro Nerio Segundo 30
María Silvia Cortes 51
Héctor Antonio suñiga 19
Emma Sicilian Suñiga 53
Joaquin Garcia 19
Reina Isabel ´García 25
Ana Gloria Gomez 27
Abelio Alberto Ruis 32
Rene Amelio Pacheco 18
Iris Magdalena Ruis 18


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