Mayen Lives On

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Fifty year old popular painter Elena Lemus appears in front of two paintings of important people of El Salvaodor’s history. Schafik Jorge Hándal, leader of the current party currently governing the country and the deceased journalist spokesperson for Comandos de Salvamento commonly known as Mayen. The painter is a student of the city’s municipal art workshops.  She states that Mayen always walked in the afternoons around Plaza Gerardo Barrios in this historic area .  She maintains his memory so that he is always present in the park. Foto: Francisco Campos


Foto of Elena in March during Obama’s visit.

Into Oncoming Traffic

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Comandos EMS volunteers responded to a MVA located at Bulevar Tutunichapa and la 5a. Av. Norte inn Sal Salvador this afternoon.  The accident happened due to a vehicle with licence plate number N-2919 crossed lanes into oncoming traffic crashing into two microbuses per statements of witnesses on scene. One patient was transferred to the hospital “Diagnositico” while two others were taken to the National Social Security hospital. CDS attended to 50 yo Idalia Nerio de Espeinal and 23 yo Tania Idalia Espinal who were driving the car with license plate P462-442. Other vehicles included was a Supreme Justice Court microbus N-7549. Photo: KAMALA/CDS

Salvadoran EMS, USAR and Community Health

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