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4 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi There,

    Hope all is well in El Salvador !! Hopefully you will have a read of this and can hep me out ….

    Let me introduce myself first of all …

    I produce the Travel Series on the National Television Channel, TG4, the home of the best alternative travel programming in Ireland. The new series features the Award Winning Travel Presenter, Hector O hEochagáin, making his way through Central America travelling through Panama, El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica.

    ‘Hector Centrale’ is an 8 part series of half hour programmes to be broadcast in Autumn 2016 on TG4 (THE NATIVE IRISH LANGUAGE CHANNEL) in Ireland ( Have a look at some of what we do on my website

    We have already completed the first leg of the epic trip from Panama City to Belize, travelling overland through Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua into Tegucigalpa in Honduras.
    We will return to Central America on the 30th June to continue filming beginning in Honduras and making our way to El Salvador and then Guatemala before we complete our journey in Belize City.

    The programme is shot using a Sony HD 500 Camera and HD Hero4 GoPros and we use no extraneous sound or lighting equipment. The whole operation is of necessity very compact with a crew of 3 (which includes Hector) and the camera as the sole piece of equipment so we are of little distraction which allows us great freedom in our filming.

    Generally speaking, we look for interesting stories – 4 per show – Interesting people with interesting stories – Sport – Human Interest – Interaction is good for Hector – Whatever – Each of the shows will feature ONE country … and give a vibe of the people, the tone and the character of the country … Though the series will be presented in Gaelic (the native language) Hector is a fluent Spanish speaker which will help us as always in our filming and our communication …

    It would be great to link up with you to see how you work and get an insight into this amazing organisation which has been around for standout times like the assassination of Archbishop Romero to the hurricane and earthquakes of the 70’s and now the present day issues …
    It would be great if there was an English speaker that could introduce Hector and tell him some of the story and as a team of 3 we could join you in your work.

    Dates wise we will be in El Salvador on 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th July … Let me know what you think or if this might work. We like to show the world that work like this is going on.


    1. Sorry for the late response, I believe your team may have already been to the base central? It’s funny, we have been around for over 50 years and only when we are published in the Wall Street Journal, people take notice. We were nominated for the Nobel Peace Price many years ago.

  2. I work as an nurse and an an emt-I. I have over t h e years collecte medical supplies. And would like to donate them to you all. I have also taught Emt’s. If you would like a teacher, i can work harder on my Spanish. Thank you Jack Bibeau

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