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Flood: Rain Season Rescues in San Salvador

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EMTs from CDS attended to more than one hundred and fifty people that had to be saved from imminent danger due to the strong storm that hit the capitol of San Salvador.

At about 6:20 pm units from CDS headed towards Villa Esperanza on the KM 34 highway that goes from San Juan Opico to Quetzaltepeque to  evacuate 45 people from their residences that were in danger due to an overflowing creek flooding their temporary homes.  The rising waters of about 50 cm worried the residents that opted out to stay in the zone waiting for the water to level off.

Inundaciones en San Salvador
During these rescue operations, 24 yo Roberto Guardado was attended too.  He was driving a motorcycle along with his partner, 29 yo Xiomara Beatriz Vásquez and did not realize what he was driving into and crashed.  Both were taken to Fosalud de Quezaltepequefor medical attention.

At about the same time, CDS helped a driver of a vehicle with license plates 568-424, who had become trapped inside his car, without it starting, due to getting stuck in the middle of the flood.  Another CDS rescue event happened at the entrance to colonia Sierra Morena where a microbus that transported more than 20 members of the Church of Cannan were rescued when they were trapped in their vehicle in a deep area of the flooding street at the entrance to the colonia.  The evangelicals were taken out one by one from the microbus to be brought to a safe zone while the water level stabilized.  They then could retrieve there vehicle.  A similiar event happened when about 45 passengers of the route 29 bus with plates AB 70-511 experienced some anguised minutes of being trapped at the entrance to colonia Santa Lucía where year after year there are constant floodings during strong storms.

According to the driver, the force of the current had suprised him, leaving him and his passengers trapped in the middle of the flood. CDS rescue workers arrived to help.

In addition, EMTS from CDS outstation Antiguo Cuscatlan warned  vehicles that were traveling south on Highway lane leading from west to east, about a crack that was formed on the stretch of road near the democracy tower that reached close to three meters and 40 centimeters wide.

Traffic during the great storm was suspended to avoid any tragedy.

Recovery of Crushed Taxi Victim

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CDS were present in helping rescue the bodies of victims underneath a semi bed, that had crushed the taxi they had been riding in.

Once again, the elite rescue groups of El Salvador that include the Comandos de Salvamento, Red Cross, and the Fire Dept. demonstrated that it is possible to work in coordinated fashion without conflict. Congratulations search and rescue tams that were united by adrenalin and the hydraulics!  We follow through like that in the future with a high level of professionalism and we will save even more lives.

-Roberto Pacheco
Search and Rescue Team Supervisor

Story Credit:
Juan Carlos Villafranco
Redacción Diario Co Latino

A semi container carrying wood, that was coming from Acajutla caused a tragic accident at 7:15 at the freeway crossection “Hermano Lejano”.

Los fallecidos identificados como Nancy Guadalupe Ramos Valladares de 35 años y Jorge Castro Hasbun de 41 años murieron a causa de traumas múltiples.
The victims are identified as 35 yo Nancy Guadalupe Ramos Valladares and 41 yo Jorge Castro Hasbun.  Ramos was recovered by Comandos de Salvamento and presented with limited vital signs. CPR attention was immediate and various attempts were made but she did not respond.
The container came lose from the semi with license plate 63112, that was driving from Los Próceres blvd towads 49th ave. north on the third level and fell on top of the taxi that was coming below on Comalapa highway and where the couple had, per reports were just married and he was just returning from the USA.

“At about 9 o’clock at night our rescue team was able to recover the cadavers that were trapped under the container.  The bodies presented with multiple severe traumas.”, states Roberto Pacheco, rescue leader of the Comandos de Salvamento.

The taxi with license plate 57749 was completly crused underneath.  The Main firefighter team had to use hydraulic equipment to assisst in the recovery of the victims.

Al lugar se hicieron presentes socorristas de Cruz Roja Salvadoreña, Cruz Verde, Comandos de Salvamento, el Cuerpo de Bomberos y Protección Civil, quienes trabajaron en conjunto en el rescate de Castro, una de las víctimas.

Algunos vecinos del lugar ayudaron a quitar la madera del contenedor y facilitar el trabajo de los socorristas, sin embargo, otros que llegaron a observar lo sucedido entorpecieron las labores de los socorristas.