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Supporting those in need with MH stressors.

CDS Youth Gender Equality Workshop

The CDS gender diversity brigade participated this day in increasing sensitivity about forms of harassment, violence and discrimination.

Specialist on social media gender issues Claudia Hernández  Focused on social transformation through understanding inherent rights and empowerment of every individual. Also present was Masters level in Sexual reproductive health, Carolina Morán who talked about gender violence and the rights of youth.

The purpose at said workgroups is to increase sensitivities in all CDS first responders and to increase knowledge within the institution as a whole.

(Texto y fotos de Comandos de Salvamento)

Motor Vehicle Accident in El Bosque Neighborhood


Comandos de Salvamento were dispatched to a scene where a microbus ran into a car along the Cuscatancingo Ave. and East 15th St. in the Colonia El Bosque in San Miguelito. The route 38E Micro with plates MB 2-860 and car with plates  P- 50-733 were stabilized as EMS workers attended to the injured 51yo  Juana Avelar de Abrego, 18yo Jaime Stanley Abrego, 32yo Leidy Piedad Aquino, 7 month old  Angie Verónica Avelar, 4yo Valeria María Lopez Grande, 33yo  Denys Humbrerto Lopez Mercado, 33 yo Yassenia Nohemi Cabrera, and 22yo Nuria Abrego. Two of the patients were transported to the Social Security hospital, the children to Bloom Hospital and the rest were triaged to our small surgery clinic at the Base Central of CDS for basic wound care and psychological support.

Suicide Attempt


CDS was dispatched July 7th at 1130pm to attend a 23yo male who presented with suicidal ideation and attempted to end his life. CDS offered family and friends psychological support while his wounds were dressed and stabilized. The patient was transported immediately to the nearest ER facility.


Children’s Museum Staff Visits Bajo Lempa

marin23102011 (2)

The Tin Marin Childrens Museum located in Cuscatlan Park in San Salvador decided to send some staff members accompanied by Comandos de Salvamento to entertain children affected by flooding in Bajo Lempa. The entertainment took place in the shelter of San Juan del Gozo. Piñata breaking and face painting took place after 400 small toys were given out. CDS supports such endeavors since it addresses the mental health needs of those that have lost homes and belongings to natural disaster flooding. Salvadorans are one of the most resilient people in the world, and usually bounce right back to normal life fairly quickly. These events augment this process of recovery. Comandos Medical Brigades plan on doing visits over the next few days to prevent possible epidemics and mitigate negative physical and mental health symptoms as a result of the disaster. Foto: Carlos Fuentes

marin23102011 (1) marin23102011 (3)

Christmas Day Crisis


Christmas Day at 2pm at the central base of Comandos, a pickup carrying a family in crisis arrived after being escorted by the National Civilian Police. Family members state that Emma del Trancito Moreno had attempted suicide by cutting her left wrist. The patient presented acutely depressed and actively stated she wanted her life to end. With family collaboration, the patient was transported to the Rosales Hospital emergency room after applying a first aid compress on her wrist to stabilize circulation. Photos: Mark Hoffman

Walk in Clinic: Consults and Suturing

Many of our patients are not only served through EMS/SAR yet also through medical consultations, and basic suturing/first aid in our Emergency Walk in clinic in San Salvador.  This helps bigger congested Emergency Rooms in San Salvador attend to critical patients during national holidays such as Holy Week.  Comandos de Salvamento Doctor Margarita Menjivar de Orellana presents a portrait of this work at the walk in clinic, Central Base this last weekend.

consulta de osea

Pictured here is Doctor Gomez from the pharmeceutical labs MK (Maquensson) realizing one of these bone measures on the wrist with a patient. In order to offer preventive health care to men over 40 and woman over 35, of who all seem to be lovers of coffee and soda, and do not like lactate products, every three months we offer consults to educate and measure bone density (the amount of calcium present).  This helps prevent Osteoporosis, because once one has it, it can cause bone fractures from just walking, laying down, or even turning over in bed. It is an illness that does not always present with pain in the majority of cases.

Chilindrina en la base central

This young patient of 24 years of age, mother of three children, aledged to use drugs, has tried to commit suicide for the second time.  She was attended to in the small surgery room of the walk in clinic at Base Central with first aid and psychosocial support.

Long time experienced veteran Comando medic Rosa Maria Galvez is suturing the injury after cleaning the site, and assuring integrity of the arteries and veins.

Chilindrina en la base central


Fotos: Dra. Margarita