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Supporting those in need with MH stressors.

CDS Youth Gender Equality Workshop

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The CDS gender diversity brigade participated this day in increasing sensitivity about forms of harassment, violence and discrimination.

Specialist on social media gender issues Claudia Hernández  Focused on social transformation through understanding inherent rights and empowerment of every individual. Also present was Masters level in Sexual reproductive health, Carolina Morán who talked about gender violence and the rights of youth.

The purpose at said workgroups is to increase sensitivities in all CDS first responders and to increase knowledge within the institution as a whole.

(Texto y fotos de Comandos de Salvamento)

Motor Vehicle Accident in El Bosque Neighborhood

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Comandos de Salvamento were dispatched to a scene where a microbus ran into a car along the Cuscatancingo Ave. and East 15th St. in the Colonia El Bosque in San Miguelito. The route 38E Micro with plates MB 2-860 and car with plates  P- 50-733 were stabilized as EMS workers attended to the injured 51yo  Juana Avelar de Abrego, 18yo Jaime Stanley Abrego, 32yo Leidy Piedad Aquino, 7 month old  Angie Verónica Avelar, 4yo Valeria María Lopez Grande, 33yo  Denys Humbrerto Lopez Mercado, 33 yo Yassenia Nohemi Cabrera, and 22yo Nuria Abrego. Two of the patients were transported to the Social Security hospital, the children to Bloom Hospital and the rest were triaged to our small surgery clinic at the Base Central of CDS for basic wound care and psychological support.