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CDS community education and awareness efforts.

First Aid Classes offered to Ministerio de Hacienda

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Mindehacclase 4
Lic Carlos Gustavo Salazar, director of the Ministerio de Hacienda offers his gratitide to CDS for the classes offered to the dept of health and hygiene.
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Subcomitee members of the dept. of health, Ministerio de Hacienda, review their ems techniques.
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MDH staff learn how to backboard a patient.
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Ministerio de Hacienda, Dept. "Direccion General de Presupuesto",recieve their diplomas from Comandos de Salvamento EMS educator Luis Kolatto.

Eureka Bridge Simulation Success

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Today at 10am CDS had an excellent simulation of MVA patients including one that fell from a bridge.  Participants included thirty EMTs and five members from the vertical rescue and recovery team.  Simulation took place on the Eureka bridge on the way to Soyapango.

Positive Sea Rescue Simulation

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This morning, Comandos along with the Salvadoran Air force practiced beach and sea rescues in order to prepare for the upcoming Holy Week.

CDS successfully conducted on Sunday March 22 the mock air and water rescues at Playa El Majahual in the department of La Libertad.

When the clock hit ten o’clock executive director of CDS, Roberto Cruz gave the green light to start the activity. Domestic and foreign tourists were surprised to see dozens of aid workers, guards and rescuers who were invading the beach at Majahual.

Lifeguards gave the warning to assist three young men injured with a knife on the beach, while more than half hundred lifeguard comandos challenged the angry waters of the Pacific to start the rescue of at least ten people who had been dragged by a sea wave.  One after another the victims were pulled to safety by trained guards from CDS. Rescue workers evacuated the patients from the water to the clinical carearea that had been implemented on the beach.  A helicopter of the Salvadoran Air Force to support the exercise appeared to help launch the start of the event where they rescued victims from the sea currents.  On two occasions the helicopter performed skills in order to evacuate the alleged victims to bring them safely to Earth, while being stabilized by medical and paramedical personnel command then the victims were taken to hospital by air.

With this practice drill, CDS demonstrated the operational capability and knowledge that is taught at the Yolanda Elizabeth Velásquez CDS community EMS school.

IMG_1941 (Large)

Pictured is Nel the frog man of the comandos, jumping from the UH
helicopter to rescue make believe victims that are already accompanied
with support below.
Comandos Edgar Johny Ramos, Roberto Pacheco and International Rep. Mark Hoffman, assisted from above.