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CDS community education and awareness efforts.

CDS EMS School Teaches Students of Mejicanos

The EMS school of CDS has started teaching basic first aid to first year students  of the Japan school located in Mejicanos city of San Salvador. Each student will be learning didactic theories of being a first responder and learn how to stabilize fractures, choking, and CPR among other themes. Ambulance ride alongs will also be included to get a first hand view of EMS in San Salvador.


CDS has a mission to educate local schools about basic first aid in case they have to provide it in their school and or communities.

Jony Ramos, veteran Comando volunteer offers a didactic course to students.


CDS Youth Gender Equality Workshop

The CDS gender diversity brigade participated this day in increasing sensitivity about forms of harassment, violence and discrimination.

Specialist on social media gender issues Claudia Hernández  Focused on social transformation through understanding inherent rights and empowerment of every individual. Also present was Masters level in Sexual reproductive health, Carolina Morán who talked about gender violence and the rights of youth.

The purpose at said workgroups is to increase sensitivities in all CDS first responders and to increase knowledge within the institution as a whole.

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