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Surgeries and Triage

Medical Care for Deported Patient

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Rosa María Galvez, who is in charge of our walk in clinic attends to 39 yo Francisco M. who presented with lacerations to his head. He recieved 14 sutures. Francisco states he was recently deported from the USA and was riding his bicycle around the Colonia San Judas neighborhood when some unknown assailant threw a bottle at his head. Comandos EMS arrived and transported him to the walkin clinic for surgical intervention with Rosa. Photos: CDS.

Occipital Laceration

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Col. San Juda

At 945pm CDS was dispatched to Colonia San Juda where 26yo Jose Angel Ayala was offered first aid due to a fall that resulted in a laceration on the occipital part of his cranium. He was securely transported to the small surgery clinic at our main base in San Salvador. He was attended to by clinic worker and surgeon Rosa Galvez. Rosa utilized a Blue Monofilament Polypropylene suture with a 2-0 size needle to place 6 stitches. The patient presented ebriated so no Lidocaine was used. Video soon via another entry in the future. Photo: Mark Hoffman

1 Rock 5 Stitches

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Sutura Base Central

At 8am Friday December 31st 2010, the walk in small surgery clinic of the main base attended to 32yo Jose Stanley Galvez who presented with a small contusion and clean laceration of his left eyelid. He states he and his friend were in the “HulaHula” area of downtown at 1am when there was a “misunderstanding” with another group of peers that assaulted him with a rock. Clinic worker Dora de Lovo provided care to Jose who states he is grateful he did not lose his eye during the altercation.  

After applying 70cc of Lidocaine, Dora used a Synature brand size 6-0 monofilament polypropylene (0.7 metric) to make five stitches. CDS wishes Stanely a quick recovery and educated him to be careful while walking downtown at night. Photos: Mark Hoffman 

Sutura Base Central 2010
Sutura Base Central 2010

Remodel Plans

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Mark is in the process of doing a fundraiser through facebook and paypal in order to remodel one of our main base bathrooms in San Salvador. The bathroom itself has been out of use for quite awhile and it would benefit visiting patients to our walk in clinic. If you have any questions please contact marco at salvamento dot org.

Mobile Beach Clinic: Majahual

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Mission Completed. This is the Comando team that worked at Majahual Beach in the Dept of La Libertad during Holy Week vacations. The Popotlan Base of Comandos, together with Dr. Orellana, good work team!

Foto 1: 6yo missing child, evaluated by Dr. Orellana. Treatment included liquid Acetominofen and a bandage over a small injury on his right arm.

Foto 2: 23 yo female, alegedly ebriated, presenting with multiple small cuts on left hand is attended to by Dr. Orellana along with Popotlan base EMS members.

Foto 3: This patient presents with a near drowning experience at Majahual beach. He is evaluated by Dr. Orellana and given psychosocial support.