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Surgeries and Triage

Optomotrists Helping Salvadorans

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Dr. Eileen Howard and Dr. Audrey Chen.

Cuando el corazón de una mujer es para todos es lo más bonito y mejor aún cuando es para el pueblo salvadoreño. When a woman’s heart loves all, it is even more powerful when that energy goes towards the people of El Salvador. Doctors Eileen Howard and Audrey Chen met eachother with this same vision while working together in collaboration with Comandos de Salvamento during health brigade work in marginalized areas of El Salvador.

Dr. Chen first volunteered in 2011 and then 2 years later invited then student Howard and they have collaborated ever since with Doctors of the Americas.

 The students themselves pay to travel to El Salvador to help the most needed.


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CDS at the Good Life Festival

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CDS again participated in the Good Life festival that is offered in Quezaltepeque north of San Salvador of which 40 institutions participated and of which is promoted by the Salvadoran president Prof. Salvador Sánchez Cerén

Comandos de Salvamento pone a disposición los médicos y enfermeras para poder brindar asistencia a las personas que buscan una consulta por sus diversas enfermedades, ya que en dicho festival los medicamentos son completamente gratuitos.

CDS doctors, nurses were present to offer free health consults. Geriatric consults were of particular focus.

CDS will continue with their collaborative spirit in helping the community improve health care for all.



Remembering Doctor Carlos

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We remember that 6 years ago CDS Doctor Carlos Hernández Reyes, passed away after doing a night shift at the CDS walk in clinic. He was struck on his motorcycle on his way back home.  Carlos trained many comandos in basic suturing techniques including me between 1999 and 2002 while living at the Central Base.   May his memory remain. Guardian Angel Dr. Carlos

Mark Hoffman


Doctors Ready and Prepared

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Doctores 2012

CDS Medical Providers will be at Majahual beach west of La Libertad in order to attend to emergencies during this years Holy Week vacation.
Pictured left to right are Dr. Manuel Valencia, Dr. Luis Delgado, Dr. Stanley Lara, Dr. Julio Orellana and Dr. Margarita during a simulated training last weekend. EMS and Lifeguards will be working hand in hand with our providers and are currently in simulated trainings as seen in the video. Unfortunately, during the training, there was a real emergency that warranted urgent intervention.

Night Shift Tribute

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You are a 35 year old sex worker that just got stabbed.
You are a 4 year old child that just suffered abuse by the hands of your mother.
You are a 45 year old drunk just assaulted by five youth.
You are a 23 year old youth street vendor who just experienced tear gas.
You are 14 year old who just defended yourself from a machete attack with your arms.
You are a 15 year old about to give birth.
You are one of thousands.

You are about to meet your Guardian Angel.

Carlos Hernández Reyes


Comando Guardian Angel Dies

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Doctor Carlos Hernández Reyes died this morning in a motorcycle accident at the corner of 17 avenida norte and 27 calle poniente, in the Layco Colonia. He had just finished his volunteer shift in the walk in clinic at the Central Base of Comandos de Salvamento. Carlos was a dedicated doctor with experience in triage, critical care and minor surgeries that are common occurrence in the walk in clinic at night. He dedicated over 15 years of his life with CDS.

doctor-carlos conchancha playa_2008 pila2005