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Public Notifications

Flooding Causes more than 50 Deaths

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Phot Credit: Luis Romero AP

The Salvadoran Civil Protection Agency reports that flooding caused by Hurricane Ida rains has caused the death of at least 54 persons.  More information aqui.

CDS is currently assisting in evacuation and rescue operations throughout the country in affected communities.

..more than 90 in reports.

August Fiestas Vacation Preparations

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Mitín en Base Central7_09
CDS Brigade leaders receive instructions on attending to emergencies during El Salvador's "Fiestas Agostinos".

The “fiestas Agostinos” is a known Salvadoran Holiday where numerous Salvadorans hit the beach, a week of work off, cultural parades and celebrations.

It also increases emergencies..and the Comandos are ready every year.

Mitín en Base Central7_09
During the August vacation festival, the Comandos will accompany various parades and celebrations including the Comercio, Correos y la traditional lowering of the Salvador del Mundo at the base of Paseo General Escalón.

Translators Needed

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In order for the Comandos de Salvamento to be known throughout the world and galaxy, we are looking for native speakers of Norwegian/Norsk in order to translate blog entries.  Prefer someone with multiblogging word press software experience. If interested, please contact Marco at

Also, for future development, if you are fluent in Spanish or English and also can speak Portuguese, German, Chinese, Klingon or whatever else, please contact. Thank you.


Rescue Simulation this Sunday Playa Majahual

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COMANDOS DE SALVAMENTO will be doing a rescue simulation in order to prepare lifeguards and EMS personnel for the upcoming Holy Week
that is celebrated from April 5th to the 12th.  The simulation will start this Sunday March 22nd at Playa El Majahual, department of La Libertad.

Again, in collaboration with the Comandos, the Salvadoran Air Fore will be assisting CDS in making air transports via Helicopter @ sea and
on the beach.  CDS will be training over sixty lifeguards and training them in simple beach rescue to deeper rescues simulated in the ocean.

A provisional clinic will also be setup in order to simulate medical attention brought to those that are rescued.  More than two hundred volunteer youth will be participating through the community education school in Comandos called “Yolanda Elizabeth Velásquez”.  Triage will be done to separate patients that are subacute, and acute. The acute patients will be transported to a local hospital.

COMANDOS DE SALVAMENTO invites all journalist and news agencies to cover the rescue simulation and the training that our volunteer
youth will have in order to offer their services during Holy Week.
DATE: 22nd of March 2009
TIME: 10:00AM
PLACE: Playa El Majahual, Department of La Libertad

CDS News and Communications Department