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Smaller CDS bases throughout the country.


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This last April, CDS experienced another LODD, Line of Duty Death with Moisés Abraham Orellana trying to rescue two people taken by a riptide at Majahual beach in La Libertad.

The youth was very popular at our local base in El Congo , Santa Ana where he originates from and he was also a member of the National Institute music band.

Representative party GANA member of the Salvadoran General Assembly, Juan Carlos Mendoza, offered a minute of silence for his parents who were grateful for the gesture and asked that his memory stay strong since all he wanted was to serve his fellow Salvadorans. Immediately after required EMS courses, he put on his yellow uniform and went to work.

Juan remains a strong presence at our brother’s and sister’s local base of El Congo, Santa Ana and we and El Salvador thank you for your service.

Moisés Abraham Orellana.

Alexander Zepeda, lead delegate of Comandos de Salvamento de El Congo receiving recognition from Juan Carlos Mendoza.
Juan Carlos offering honor to the parents of volunteer LODD Moisés Abraham Orellana.

CDS Affiliate Base opened in Zapotitán

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15 voluntarios brindarán servicio a la población.

Comandos de Salvamento reinauguro la seccional del Cantón Zapotitán, en el Municipio de Ciudad Arce, después de haber permanecido cerrada por menos de dos meses. Today a celebration took place to inaugurate a new Comandos base in The Municipality of Ciudad Arce. 15 new volunteers were present and the base will begin to open new doors to help with the local community in their efforts to offer pre hospital care and EMS transport to surrounding  care facilities. The team was provided with an ambulance and will be helping those in poverty and of little resources.


Corte de cinta en la reinauguraciíón de la seccional de Zapotitán.
Comunidades brindarán apoyo a los Comandos de Salvamento.
Wilmer Lobo, presidente Junta Directiva de Comandos entrega llaves de ambulancia.
Ambulancia todoterreno ayudara en el traslado de los pacientes.

Swift Water Rescue Practice

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Veteran CDS Volunter Carlos Fuente was sent from the Central Base to Jiquilisqo Bajo Lempa to teach swift water rescue techniques to 20 delegate members of San Marcos and Bajo Lempa. Every fall, dams release built up water levels flooding communities below them.

International Representative Mark Hoffman is looking for donations for Rescue Throw bags wether new or used. Please contact him at marco @ if you or your organization would like to collaborate.

Credit Where Credit is Due

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Manuel de Jesus Flores Ramirez is the CEO and founder of our delegate base in Puerto Parada located in Usulután. As of June 6th 2012, he will have served 20 years of service. The delegate base was founded in 1992 with the aim of serving the people of Puerto Parada and surrounding communities due to being an area vulnerable to flooding. In the past, Puerto Parada has been affected by Hurricane Mitch, Adrian, and Tropical Storms Ida, E-12, etc. El Salvador’ Ministry of Civil Protection has formally recognized the work of Manuel by awarding him a medal in October of 2010. Congratulations Manuel and all CDS unsung heroes of Puerto Parada. Foto: CDS