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Fotógrafo del Dept de Prensa Comandos de Salvamento

A Letter from Ground Zero in Ecuador

Asesoramiento en Ecuador por USAR El Salvador
Scene assessment by USAR El Salvador in Portoviejo Manabi Ecuador.

Hi Dad, I’m sending some fotos of our work yesterday April 16 at around 12:30 pm in a village called Portoviejo, Manabi.

We have been going between various cities here without electricity or Internet but these can be found. We have met local USAR teams and those from Venezuela, México, Colombia.  It is quite a chilling and frightening experience here because 80% of the buildings are destroyed here in Manabi. We have been calling out and listening for survivors and also marking buildings.  Proudly I can say that the Salvadoran USAR team is very highly trained and professional as all the other international teams present. I’ll send more photos soon, take care of yourself dad. I love you very much. orgullosamente estamos muy a la altura de otros USAR internacionales. Roberto Campos.

Fotos: Jhonny Ramos/Comandos de Salvamento.

CDS Honorary President R.I.P.

Presidente Honorario.
Muere Presidente Honorario.


René Napoleón Aguiluz Carranza, CDS Honorary president of CDS, died this last Friday after falling into a coma. René Aguiluz was a member of the San Salvador municipal council and had also been a representative “diputado” in the Legislative Assembly. Aguiluz was the Comandos main supporter within the government and worked very hard for financial support via the Assembly in order help Comandos uphold its mission to help those in most need. This state assistance provided immediate need for the Salvadoran public during emergencies and natural disasters. Comandos de Salvamento salutes René Aguiluz for his never ending hard work and stands in solidarity with his family and friends in remembrance of his life.

In the above image, René Aguiluz awards long term EMS veteran Luis Colato, during the 50th year celebration of Comandos de Salvamento last year. (2010) Foto: CDS.

Kids Caught in Crossfire



Three Comandos de Salvamento ambulances transported three minors that were shot during a gunfight in the small neighborhood of Cantón La Florin San Martin San Salvador this afternoon. The patients were 14yo Mauricio Rodas, (transported to San Bartolo Hospital,Ilopango)12yo Christian Rivas, and 9 yo Marlón Edenilsón Rivas(tranported to Hospital Bloom). The PNC- National Civilian Police transported two others-14yo Mauricio Alexander López and 17yo Luis Alberto Maravilla.  All patients received basic first aid and were stable.

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30 Meter Fall

Caido de 30 Metros

59yo Fredy Eduardo Al Varenga was rescued after falling 30 meters to the shores of the Alcahuate river. He was then stabilized and transported to hospital Rosales. Witnesses report he may have been in this position for more than 8 hours before he was found and CDS was contacted. The event took place at KM 10, highway troncal del norte, Colonia aurora in Ciudad Delgado.