Ocean Riptide Rescue @ San Diego Beach

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Comandos de Salvamento  informing about the recent emergencies that took place at Playa San Diego.

CDS Lifeguards stationed at San Diego Beach rescued ten people that were about to drown when they were taken by the ocean current yesterday.
At 7:30 am, lifeguards were notified about a the ocean current taking two people identified as 33 yo Carlos Antonio Polanco and 18 yo Maribel Cordero Amaya who had arrived from San Salvador.  A half hour later, the lifeguards demonstrated their skills again when they rescued from deep water 15 yo Ariel Ángel Gómez,20 yo Jonathan Benítez, and 18 yo Rafael Antonio Aguilar, de 18, all from Apopa city.

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At 1030 am the San Diego current also dragged five other people, these being 22 yo Joel Márquez, 35 yo Óscar Roberto Beltrán, 22 yo Rosmeri Guillen Rivera, 13 yo  Mauricio Cordero Amaya, and 17 yo Arturo Isaí Montoya. All rescues that took place by CDS were deep water rescues and because of this we ask that national and international tourists abide reccomendations given in order to avoid any tradgedy during this upcoming Holy Week vacation.

This has been news generated from the Main Base of CDS San Salvador
Dept. of news and communications.

The following was added from youtube to educate our English speaking audience about ripcurrents.

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