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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Venezuela Blvd Accident leaves Two Injured

The Comandos Extrication Team attended the accident located in Barrio Lourdes.

The Urban Extrication Team was immediately dispatched to the Bulevar Venezuela when 73yo driver Alfredo Antonio Monzón Rodríguez crashed into another car.

He was extricated along with another person, 28yo Alejandra Ayala

Alfredo Antonio Monzón Rodríguez, de 73 is secured and prepared for transport.

The accident caused a large traffic backup, “trabazón”.

MCI Bus Accident

Ocho personas resultaron lesionadas al accidentarse dos unidades del transporte colectivo en esta capital, sobre la 15ª. Calle Oriente y la Avenida España.

8 people were injured during two bus accidents along the 15 calle Oriente and Ave. España. First Responders from Comandos secured and transported them to nearby hospitals. Victims included the following: Emelí Menjívar, de 3 años; Berta Alvarado, de 63; Jennifer Mata, de 21; Yolanda Arias, de 69; Rosmeri Vargas, de 33; Guadalupe Arias, de 38; Héctor González, de 38 y Lilian González, de 44.

Los socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento atendieron a las víctimas.
Socorristas auxilian a los heridos.
Los lesionados fueron llevados a diferentes centros asistenciales.
Un voluntarios de Comandos de Salvamento brinda asistencia pre hospitalaria a víctima del accidente.
Los ochos lesionados entre ellos una menor de edad fueron llevados a Hospitales.

Comandos Increase Resources for First Responder Need

Patient with possible fractured pelvis is attended to by CDS EMS first responder.

El alto nivel de delincuencia y los accidentes de tránsito son las emergencias que se atienden diariamente en Comandos de Salvamento. The high numbers of patients due to deliquency and Motor Vehicle Accidents are increasing every day. Gunshots, stabbings are an everyday occasion. Many patients every day are brought to hospitals by Salvadoran EMS services.

Motorcycle accidents have also increased due to unaware and sometimes disinterested drivers that do not care for those that ride on two wheels.  Comandos de Salvamento is one of many EMS teams throughout the country that are always on alert due to motor vehicle accidents, especially during times of rain and storms during rush hour traffic. CDS always recommends that traffic laws are obeyed and to yield to all motorcycle drivers in order to prevent tragedies.


Julio César Menjívar, of 37 years, trying to manage getting ran over by a vehicle near 50a. Ave. Nte. in San Salvador.
Julio César Mejívar, is packaged and secured.
An accident in Soyapango left one injured.
Comandos de Salvamento attends an MVA along the Carretera de Oro a la altura de Soyapango, where patient Gilberto de Jesús Cisneros, of 31 years of age, presented with many fractures.

One DOA and Two injured in MVA

The street was closed for more than a few hours.

Socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento auxiliaron a Hugo Abrego, de 39 años, quien resulto con múltiples junto a otro empleado al accidentarse el camión que transportaba arena sobre la carretera de Oro a la altura del kilómetro tres y medio. 39yo Hugo Abrego was assisted by Comando first responders when he was in an accident in his vehicle that was hauling a large amount of sand.

A large trailer was on the highway of gold heading east when it crashed into the rear of Hugo’s vehicle sending sand everywhere. The driver of the trailer, 24yo Carlos Francisco Cruz Rivera, died on impact. He was extricated by CDS Extrication team and handed over to Medicina Legal. 

Carlos Francisco Cruz Rivera, 24yo, was DOA.
Hugo Abrego, is supported and transported to San Bartolo Hospital..

Various MVA’s Today

 23 yo Mónica Gabriela, is packaged and secured by our first responders

CDS was dispatched to assist two people that were injured on their motorcycle while traveling along Boulevard del Ejército a la altura de Molsa. Both 23yo Monica Gabriela and 22yo Alberto Lopez were victims of a hit and run and suffered fractures. Both were transported by ambulance to the Social Security Hospital in Colonia Amatepec.

CDS was also dispatched to another MVA along la Avenida Masferrer Norte y la Prolongación Juan Pablo II, in San Salvador.

Patients attended included 52yo  Miguel Ángel Urrutia, 42yo María Elena Torres, and 49yo Carlos Ordóñez.

Extrication of Young Driver

Our Extrication team  assisting 22yo Cristian Alexander Mejía..

Our CDS Extrication team was immediately dispatched to kilómetro 5 del Bulevar del Ejército to extricate 22yo Cristian Alexander Mejía who was a licensed plate vehicle 318-393 after it had struck the back of a ruta 29 bus. Fortunately none of the passengers in the bus were injured. Pneumatic tools, Jaws of Life, and extenders were used to extricate and the patient was secured, packaged, and immediately transferred to higher level of care at Rosales Hospital.


Cristian Alexander Mejía, is supported with physical stabilization and emotional support while being extricated by Comandos.
The Patient receiving assistance.
C Spine Maintained.

Extrication: 2 Injured and 1 DOA

A Semi rear ended a route bus 276 in Santa Ana.

Comandos attended to an accident that resulted in the death of one individual and 2 injured occupants at 630am this morning near KM 33 1/2 of the Panamericana highway at the turn off for the National Agriculture School.

The mishap took place when the driver of the semi with plates C 97-950 crashed into the back of a a route 276 public bus licensed AB 77-774 that was picking up passengers at the San Salvador to Santa Ana bus stop.

María Elena Martínez de Cuéllar, de 53 años, who was riding in the back of the bus died on impact while others were injured.

The semi driver, 34yo Luis Alonso Galdámez, had to be extricated by the CDS Extrication team and was secured, packaged, and transported to San Juan de Dios hospital in Santa Ana.

Cortesía de Noticieros Hechos

The Extrication team putting their skills to the test along with Red Cross.
Luis Alonso Galdámez, was transported immediately to higher level of care.
While securing C-Spine, a comando tries to integrate a Kendricks into the vehicle to stabilize the patient.