CDS atienden 717 emergencias, Semana Santa

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The humanitarian group accomplished its mission during the vacation season by sending it’s lifeguard personel to the beaches and aquatic tourist center to help in case of emergencies.

Representatives from Comandos de Salvamento report that their First aid workers attended to 717 emergencies during Holy Week Vacation that took place from the 5th to the 12th of April

388 cases were pacients with diffent circumstancial injuries, some including 6 gunshot injuries, 19 stabbings, 17 burned, 19 with fractures, 24 intoxicated, 45 with multiple traumas, and 45 patients resulting from traffic accidents.

CDS had also sent lifeguards to various beaches and tourist centers to help in case the summer time vacationers are in need of assisstance.
These lifeguards performed 212 water rescues, both simple and deep, at times using beach boats in order to save national and international tourists that were about to lose their lives by being swept away by the current. 

CDS also participated in the search for 12 lost national tourists around the base of San Salvador volcano. They were rescued by CDS with the assistance of other SAR institutions.  EMS personel also collaborated in putting out some structure and forest fires.

EMTs de Comandos atienden a un paciente durante semana santa 2009

Doctors, paramedics and EMTS at CDS posts on primary highways and other important areas, reported 329 consults of which 166 were common illnesses, 60 small surgeries, and 32 pregnancies, the latter of which were quickly rushed to the closest hospitals.
CDS is thankful for the community self-volunteers, and private business that offered their support so that the humanitarian operations during Holy Week vacation could be successful.

The National Civilian Protection agency reports the death of 53 people, 31 by MVA and 22 drownings.
However, the final results will be announced this Monday, perhaps arriving at 70 deaths without including thehomicides that are a daily occurence within the national territory.  EMTs of other institutions will also wrap up their projects this monday and lifeguards will be returning to their daily activities in their home towns.

MVA: Deceased Female, Airport Highway

EMTs from CDS attended an MVA that took place at km 14.5 on the highway to the Comalapa International Airport. The sudden accident resulted with 1 death and 2 injured. The victim was identified as 28 yo Esmeralda Campos. The other injured were 2 yo José Manuel López

Campos who was transported to Bloom children’s Hospital and his 35 yo father Roberto Carlos López Arévalo who was driving the vehicle with license plate number 430-327.

choque 1

The car was alegedly speeding, drove off the road and exploded against a tree, even ripping the roots out of the ground.

At impact, Esmeralda Campos lost her life and was awaiting formal identification by Medicina Legal Forensic team. The family was returning from San Salvador on their way to Cuyultitán, located in the La Paz dept.

Thanks to Telenocias 4 for the video footage.


Ocean Riptide Rescue @ San Diego Beach

Comandos de Salvamento  informing about the recent emergencies that took place at Playa San Diego.

CDS Lifeguards stationed at San Diego Beach rescued ten people that were about to drown when they were taken by the ocean current yesterday.
At 7:30 am, lifeguards were notified about a the ocean current taking two people identified as 33 yo Carlos Antonio Polanco and 18 yo Maribel Cordero Amaya who had arrived from San Salvador.  A half hour later, the lifeguards demonstrated their skills again when they rescued from deep water 15 yo Ariel Ángel Gómez,20 yo Jonathan Benítez, and 18 yo Rafael Antonio Aguilar, de 18, all from Apopa city.

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At 1030 am the San Diego current also dragged five other people, these being 22 yo Joel Márquez, 35 yo Óscar Roberto Beltrán, 22 yo Rosmeri Guillen Rivera, 13 yo  Mauricio Cordero Amaya, and 17 yo Arturo Isaí Montoya. All rescues that took place by CDS were deep water rescues and because of this we ask that national and international tourists abide reccomendations given in order to avoid any tradgedy during this upcoming Holy Week vacation.

This has been news generated from the Main Base of CDS San Salvador
Dept. of news and communications.

The following was added from youtube to educate our English speaking audience about ripcurrents.


El Salvador vs. USA

Today the Comandos were present during the USA vs. El Salvador soccer game at the Estadio Cuscatlan in San Salvador.
Testimony of Gringo volunteer Marco.

I had just bought me an El Salvador Team shirt to camouflage me better and I had my hat on straight in order to avoid stares.
It helped me avoid the infamous “gringo culero” rah (very bad word) that most of my other American brothers and sisters
were enduring . *Cultural note* This infamous “rah” that Salvadorans throw out, is the equivalent to “weak man, or p @%&y”.
Other than the harmless word throwing, the spirit of the Salvadorans was mellow throughout the game and not a single bag
of urine fell upon my head.  I did have to take the constant yelling “faw yuu” of a drunken fan when the U.S. Team fouled about
three players and causing them to be lifted off the field in stretchers.  I was told later the Salvy team were doing this on person
to “make the clock tick faster”.  In the end it was a tie.

As seen below, at one point I thought some of the fans wanted to kick my a$$.

Gringo en Estadio Cuscatlan

I had to be attended to by my comandos brethren Dr. Delgado y Lead CDS EMS educator Luis Kolatto.

DSC 2806

At the end, everyone was happy and mellow. A bright eyed drunk Salvadoran even gave me a hug and told me, “I love yuu”.

DSC 2914


Eureka Bridge Simulation Success

Today at 10am CDS had an excellent simulation of MVA patients including one that fell from a bridge.  Participants included thirty EMTs and five members from the vertical rescue and recovery team.  Simulation took place on the Eureka bridge on the way to Soyapango.


Gunfight Ends International Student Trip

U.S. students and specialists from the University of Des Moines Global Health program who had been participating for three days with personnel of CDS, left the country on Thursday the 19th following a shootout in which one child and a gang member died.

The incident occurred at 3:35 pm a few meters from where the health brigade consults were taking place, in San Bartolo, Ilopango.

According to police, apparently some people that appeared to be gang members came to kill 16 yo Julio Palacios. Two stray bullets killed 10 yo child Jorge Alberto Figueroa, 10, who was in a soccer field at a nearby school and injured another child named, “Steven”, who was attending the health consult. According to Dr. Luis Delgado of CDS, the foreign visitors notified their authority figures at Drake University in Des Moines Iowa.

“We were informed that they left between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning (yesterday), it is a pity because they are bringing back with them a bad impression of our country. The health brigade consults were scheduled to end on Saturday”, said Delgado. There were a total of eighteen students and five experts who participated for two days giving consults in Alegría, Usulután and La Herradura (La Paz).

Moreover, the Director of Education Department of San Salvador, Bartolome Gil lamented the death of the child Jorge Figueroa, a student of Centro Escolar San Bartolo. He also demanded the police to make greater efforts to provide greater surveillance and security. Comandos de Salvamento, and students themselves transported those afflicted with gunshots to surrounding hospitals.


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