15 deaths in Mass Casualty MVA

Accidente Santa Ana3
Earlier this morning, 15 people died and 95 were injured during a quadruple MVA that occured at km42 on the highway to Santa Ana near Ciudad Arce, La Libertad. On scene were nine DOAs while others acutely injured passed away in surrounding hospitals. Firefighters and EMS crews  had to extricate most of the patients from crushed vehicles. Comandos de Salvamento transported eight patients to surrounding Emergency Rooms.


Extrication Collaboration

accidentado feb 2011

Rescue and EMS crews from Comandos de Salvamento, Green Cross, Red Cross and the National Firefighters worked together in rescuing Jaime Arnulfo Jimenez who was trapped inside a MIDES semi. The vehilce had gone over a cliff near the Redondel Integración north of Mejicanos in Apopa. A Jorge Ernesto Granados, who was the driver, died at the scene. Two other injured garbage workers Víctor Molina and Miguel Melara were also treated and transported. Fotos CDS.

accidentado feb 2011


Extrication: Comandos and the Fire Department

Comandos de Salvamento and the National Fire Department collaborated together in extricating 32 yo Blanca Lorena Campos from her car after it was in a head on collision with a truck along the Venezueal Blvd near the Belloso Market in San Salvador. It was reported that Campos crossed into oncoming traffic while traveling from east to west on the street.  four other people were injured. The extrication took more than an hour because she was trapped within the metal scraps of her destroyed vehicle.  Fotos: CDS, Bomberos Nacionales El Salvador

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EMS Pants for Comando Volunteers

To all Volunteer EMS workers of CDS:

The board of CDS invites all volunteers to the Central Base this Saturday February 12th at 930am, and at 230pm in order to get measured for uniform pants. This next Semana Santa, all Comandos need to be in correct uniform in order to serve the public during operation rescue first 2011, 50 years of community service.

Delegates: Please send 10 EMS workers from your delegation.


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