MOI: Hit with a Rock

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In many parts of the world there are a variety of ways to be assaulted. In El Salvador, weapons used are often incorporated into verbs and the common language of the street. The infinitive verb “Apedrar” is an example. During this emergency, the caller informed us that a man had been “apedrado”-rocked. In the neighborhood of San Miguelito, community of Tutunichapa #4, a 28 year old male was rocked and “bapuleado”-beat up. The patient was stabilized and transported to Rosales Hospital downtown. Witnesses report it was the man’s own gang colleagues that participated in the assault. Cultural Translation: Marco/Foto: CDS

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Backboarding and assuring pt's airway.

Bus Accident Los Chorros


El Diario de Hoy reports a recent bus accident with three DOAs and over 50 injured after the driver lost control and went over a 18 meter cliff. Patients attended to and transported to San Rafael Hospital in Santa Tecla:

1. Emilio Rojas de 38 años
2. Miguel Ángel Nájera
3. Antonia de Nájera de 38 años
4. NO IDENTIFICADA de Aproximadamente 38 años FALLECIDA
5. Jessica Marlene Gonzales de 27 años
6. Gregoria Cañas de Cañas de 57 años
7. Lety Bonilla
8. Sandra Noemí Osorio
9. Cesar Rosales
10. Teresa Lemus Ramírez
11. María Araceli Meléndez
12. Adriana Rivera
13. Roció Domínguez
14. José Reyes
15. José William Jirón
16. Jessica Marlene Duran
17. Ismael Ayala
18. Luis Cruz Castellano
19. Francisco Contreras
20. Grecia Pineda Rendreros
21. Miguel Ángel Meléndez
22. Yesica Marlene Gonzales
23. Someone who calls herself (Amparo)


Electrocuted While Painting

Electrocutado D 2 23 11
EMS members from Comandos de Salvamento help rescue a victim of electrocution.

EMS crews from Comandos rescued 25yo Jaime Gustavo Gutierrez who presented with electrical burns that resulted from live wires and cables when he was painting the Banco Agrigola located on the corner of 5a. Ave. North and 29th St. in the neighborhood of San Miguelito in San Salvador. The patient was transported to Rosales hospital due to not having social security insurance. Other rescue units at the scene included the Red Cross and the National Firefighter department.


15 deaths in Mass Casualty MVA

Accidente Santa Ana3
Earlier this morning, 15 people died and 95 were injured during a quadruple MVA that occured at km42 on the highway to Santa Ana near Ciudad Arce, La Libertad. On scene were nine DOAs while others acutely injured passed away in surrounding hospitals. Firefighters and EMS crews  had to extricate most of the patients from crushed vehicles. Comandos de Salvamento transported eight patients to surrounding Emergency Rooms.


Salvadoran EMS, USAR and Community Health

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