Prayers for Japan: Waves Reach the USA

Waves from the Tsunami have arrived to the USA damaging the city of Crescent City Oregon and harbors in Santa Cruz California. There have been reports of some people being swept away by ocean waves along the western coastline. Comandos de Salvamento remain in alert for possibly Tsunami waves hitting the Salvadoran coast.

Daños en Santa Cruz
Damaged harbor in Santa Cruz California

Tsunami hitting Sendai airport in Japan.

Currents causing damages.

Point of View from a helicopter and at minute 1.22, whole buildings being swept away.

Source:  Russia Today News


8.8 Japan Earthquake

Spanish Only

Un terremoto de 8,8 grados en la escala de Richter se registró frente a la costa noroeste de Japón, en la misma zona donde hace dos días ocurrió otro de 7,2 grados.

El epicentro del seísmo, que se produjo a las 02:46 p.m. (hora local), es decir a la 12:46 a.m. de nuestro país, estuvo ubicado en el Océano Pacífico a 130 kilómetros de la península de Ojika y tuvo una profundidad de 10 kilómetros.

La Agencia Meteorológica Japonesa anunció el fuerte movimiento hizo temblar con fuerza los edificios en Tokio, lo que provocó una alerta máxima de evacuación para toda la costa japonesa debido al riesgo de tsunami, con olas de hasta seis metros de altura.

Hasta el momento se han reportado seis incendios y un gran número heridos.

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High Angle Rescue Training

Clase de Rescate Vertical Feb 2011

This last February 24th and 25th, Marlon Rivas and Roberto Campos, members of the CDS central base SAR team, offered a 2 day didactic workshop on high angle rescue in the community of Berlin, and practical skills on the Cuscatlan bridge in San Salvador. Those trained were Berlin’s City Hall Civil Protection team . The workshop was one of many being offered by the Central Base under the program of Reducing Vulnerabilities via community organization in order to mitigate disasters in the cities of Alegria and Berlin. ACCP, Cooperative Assembly for Peace and AECID, Spanish Agency of International Aid and Developement, both out of Spain, helped organize and sponsor the workshop.


MVA Extrication Classes

Clase de Rescate Vehicular

Comandos de Salvamento UDR instructor Marlon Rivas led a workshop in Motor Vehicle Extrications at our Central Base this last weekend .
The event included early morning exercises, class lectures, and written tests. At the end of the weekend, students were able to put their skills to the test while under duress and artifical stressors were implemented to mimic real life context of an MVA in downtown El Salvador or during a chaotic natural disaster.  Teachers of the class exposed students to psychological stress while practicing extrications and stabilization of make believe patients.  When Marlon was asked why he was exposing the students to stress while training he responded that the average Comando rescuer is exposed to the adverse weather and social elements of Salvadoran society at times without sleep or much to eat for days on end. During a mass casualty incident or natural disaster, these themes are exacerbated and a rescuer needs to be prepared.


Salvadoran EMS, USAR and Community Health

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