Jhonny Nominated for NAEMT Award

Comando Veteran EMT Edgar Jhonny Ramos was nominated to be the EMT of the year by Clinical Social Worker Mark Hoffman, Doctor Andres Marin, and Paramedic Devin Price in the USA. The award is given out by NAEMT. All three professionals have know Jhonny for over ten years and have personally witnessed his dedication in offering quality EMS services to the Salvadoran public.  The award is very competetive and includes nominations from EMT based in small and large cities throughout the USA.

Jhonny en frente, con otros dos Comandos auxiliando un vigilante durante la Guerra Civil en Quezaltepeque
Jhonny in front, with two other comandos during a firefight in Quezaltepeque /Civil War.

Executive Director Pamela Lane states, that although he did not win, it is an honor to be nominated. Mark, Andres, and Devin know there are many other Salvadoran unknown heroes that deserve to be called, “EMT of the year“.



Car Out of Control Injures Pedestrian

Arrollada 7_16_11


43 yo Ana Silvia Ramírez was injured when a car sped off the road running her over along 22 ave. N. and Juan Pablo II near the route 52 bus stop. The driver of the car was also injured and reports that a route 29a bus ran him off the road. The patient was stabilized and transported to Rosales Hospital. The newspaper El Diario de Hoy published on its website only in the last hours that the Traffic Branch of the National Civil Police (PNC) has reported 56 traffic accidents that left two people dead and 16 others injured in road accidents. Fotos: CDS

Arrollada 7_16_11



Trapped in own Home

The Comandos de Salvamento Urban Rescue Unit assisted 28 yo Roxana Lopez Molina early this morning who stated she had supposedly gotten trapped  trying to enter her own bedroom after being locked outside her alleged home. Fotos: Ricardo Segura


Comandos Given Award by Veterans of Green Cross

Via their Facebook, the Green Cross Veterans Association announced a formal recognition for the work our agency does. The state, “A respectful and special recognition and admiration that our fellow comrades at Comandos de Salvamento. May the first EMS provider (Jesus Christ) continue to bless them in their work. Veteran Comandos Manuel Linares, and other volunteers that were on shift duty at the time represented the whole organization throughout the country in accepting the award from Cruz Verde Veteranos.


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