To Haiti

A group of  workers from the Comandos SAR team that include Marlon Rivas and Luis Kolatto, leave tomorrow to the capitol of Haiti to collaborate in search and recovery efforts due to the massive 7.3 richter earthquake that left tens of thousands missing or deceased.  Please consider donations to help in these efforts via paypal or speaking directly with the base central in San Salvador 011 503 2221 1310.


Haiti Earthquake

An eartquake hit Haiti this last Tuesday at around 5pm.  “I believe it is a catastrophe of great proportions”, reports the U.S. ambassador Alcide Raymond Joseph to CNN. The epicenter was 10km south east of the capitol of Port-au-Prince.  To make things worse, the earthquake was relatively shallow at a depth of 5 km reports the U.S. Geological Service. Shallow earthquakes can cause more damage. Source: Wall Street Journal

Photos by International Redcross/Crescent and Matthew Marek-American Red Cross/Wikipedia

More photos here and via United Nations Flickr.

Video taken by Petty Officer 2nd Class Sondra-Kay Kneen/U.S. Coast Guard
Date Taken: 01.13.2010
Posted: 01.13.2010 04:48
Video Location: HT

B-Roll of an aircraft’s view of the devastation from the recent massive earthquake in Haiti. Produced by Petty Officer 2nd Class Sondra-Kay Kneen. Haiti Relief

More videos here.


Death Caused by 40 Meter Fall

Comandos UDR rescate Cadaver

Members of CDS Search and Rescue Unit (UDR) recover the cadaver of a person that was found below a bridge that is 40 meters high. The bridge is located at the Venezuela Blvd and Cuscatlan Avenue. The body was found by the National Civilian Police at about 5:30am this morning. The person is estimated to be about thirty years old and presented with multiple fractures of the upper and lower limbs as well as damage to the parietal and occipital region of the skull. The police report he was killed by being thrown off the bridge by unknown assailants.

Unidad de Rescate El Salvador


Comandos Receive Awards and Recognition

Reconocimiento Laboral

The governing board of CDS realized an act of recognition to EMS workers and volunteers for their labor and spirit of volunteerism during emergencies caused by Tropical Storm Ida. The Comandos recieved a Diploma of Honor that states, “Volunteered to work and comply with statute (Article 3)-to rescue lives and property that are in danger caused by natural disasters..”

During the ceremony at the Central Base of CDS, the Comandos Prayer was said and gifts were given out to volunteers that helped the Salvadoran population when help was most needed.

Reconocimiento Laboral

Reconocimiento Laboral
Luis Kolatto y Roberto Cruz award a proud Comando volunteer a present.

Fotos: Francisco Campos


Fiesta del Niño


Over three hundred children participated in a Christmas party at the Central Base in San Salvador on December 27th. The children and families were from neighborhoods located around our main base and children of CDS workers. At the party were some of our comandos volunteers dressing up as clowns and offering entertainment, piñatas, dancing and the handing out of toys and presents. Comando leaders want to take this time to offer thanks to the volunteer EMS workers of 2009.

May all of you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Students Propose a Comandos Mascot


Students from the University José Matias Delgado in San Salvador have recently offered the idea of a having a puppy as a Mascot representing the Comandos de Salvamento (image above). Students that offered the idea state that they chose a dog since it stands for faithfulness, agility, smart, friendly, and is used during search and recovery operations. What is your opinion? Please comment on this post. Are you in agreement of having this puppy, nicknamed, “Comandín” by the students as being our mascot?

We ask EMTs, delegates, professionals, friends and visitors to participate in offering comments.

Jose Matias Delgado Estudiantes/Comandos


Airline Mass Casualty Simulation

EMS crews from Comandos de Salvamento participated in a mass casualty response simulated disaster of a make believe airline crash at the Comalapa International Airport.  Red Cross, The Salvadoran Fire Dept, Green Cross and Comandos were observed and supervised  by “CEPA” Comisión Ejecutiva Aeropuertaria in order to demonstrate skills in case of a mass casualty incident.
Comalapa Simulacro

CDS transported ten patients to nearby hospitals that were also participating in the simulated excercise.  Triage tags were used on “patients” depending on the level of care needed. Below is a universal triage tag with symbols designating patient care .


Foto: Francisco Campos/Comandos de Salvamento


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