DOA due to Tractor Accident

José Geovanni Hidalgo, of 37 Years, expired while riding as a passenger in a large agricultural tractor.

Socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento y sus miembros de la Unidad de Rescate se desplazaron al kilómetro 39 sobre la carretera Troncal del Norte en la jurisdicción de El Paisnal, donde una persona perdió la vida en un accidente de tránsito.

The CDS rescue and extrication squad was dispatched to KM 39 near Troncal del Norte in El Paisnal where a person lost their life due to an MVA.

The tractor involved rolled over due to mechanical failures on the front end.

The victim was identified as José Geovanni Hidalgo, and another injured was 44yo  Edenilson Montufa Palacios.

 Medicina Legal forensics arrived for identification purposes.

Accidents Increase for 2017

Comandos de Salvamento supported various motorcyclists involved in MVAs this Friday. One of them was located at
el Bulevar Constitución y Calle San Antonio Abad.  The patient was 23yo Daniel García and was supported with basic first aid due to various upper body injuries. Another patient was attended near the parque centenario near the SITRAMSS along the Alameda Juan Pablo II when a pickup crossed the lane into a motorcycle. The driver, 25yo Wendy Hernández Guillen and her passenger on the moto suffered acute injuries and were immediately transported to higher level of care

Daniel García is supported by a Comando EMT-B. 
The scene at el Bulevar Constitución y Calle San Antonio Abad.
Motorcyclists are in grave danger if they do not drive defensively throughout San Salvador. .
Wendy Hernández is given emotional support at the social security hospital after enduring injuries .

The driver of the pickup on the Juan Pablo was arrested at the scene by the PNC..


Cerca de las ocho de la noche María Isabel Alvarenga, de 61 años, comerciante en pequeño fue atropellada por un automóvil sobre el Bulevar Venezuela y Bulevar del Ejército, cuando presuntamente a su vivienda después de celebrar su cumpleaños, según un familiar.

At around 8 in the evening, 61yo Maria Isabel Alvarenga, a small business owner was just about ready to celebrate her birthday on this December 8th when she was struck by a car while she was crossing the road.  The driver stayed in place taking responsibility.  She was immediately secured and transported by our personnel to Rosales Hospital but five minutes later expired.


María Isabel Alvarenga attended to by EMS.


Buried Alive Rescue

EMS staff from CDS rescued 50yo Mario Antonio Ramirez after he was buried under a wall that he was working on when it fell apart. The incident happened at  la 23ª. Avenida Norte and cross street la Alameda Juan Pablo II en San Salvador. The patient was immediately packaged and transported to Rosales Hospital.

Socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento trasladan a Mario Antonio Ramírez, de 50 años.



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