Line of Duty Death: Erick Beltrán

This last Sunday April 10th, 14 year old volunteer Erick Beltrán was murdered while on shift at the Quetzaltepeque base of Comandos de Salvamento. Below is a formal response from the CDS Board of Directors.


Press Release:

The Board of Directors and Executive Management of Comandos de Salvamento significantly mourns death of young 14yo volunteer  Erick Beltran due to an incident that occurred on Sunday April 10, within the premises of the CDS Quezaltepeque Delegation.

The murder is an attack on the neutral voluntary work of the Comandos de Salvamento whose mission is “to rescue the lives of people, when in danger from causes of nature or of man

CDS leadership calls for groups involved with violent activities to respect the humanitarian work of Comandos de Salvamento and other EMS agencies.

CDS work under the principle of being a neutral impartial and independent institution. We have a great commitment to the Salvadoran people suffering from the effects of violence, and we continue working to bring relief to those in need.

We offer our sincere condolences to the family of first responder Erick Beltrán and we join in solidarity with the local branch of Quezaltepeque which has more than 20 years serving the community of northern San Salvador.

God, Courage, Loyalty

For Security and for Safety

Japan offers Pre-Hospital Care Support

image Con el objetivo de capacitar a las personas que integran los distintos cuerpos de socorro, Fosalud y SEM, la Ministra de Salud, Dra. Violeta Menjívar, firmó el pasado lunes un proyecto de “Fortalecimiento de las capacidades para la atención de emergencias médicas en el ámbito prehospitalario en El Salvador”, con la Agencia de Cooperación Internacional del Japón (JICA).Yoshikaza Tachihara, representante de Agencia de Cooperación Internacional del Japón, afirmó que la donación de un millón de dólares, vendrá a fortalecer los conocimientos para a los voluntarios que forman parte del sistema prehospitalario. Los grupos que serán beneficiados en las distintas capacitaciones 47 del Sistema de Emergencia Médica (SEM), 90 del Fondo Solidario para la Salud (Fosalud) y entre 600 a 700 de Comandos de Salvamento, Cruz Verde y Cruz Roja.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has started the groundwork in offering formal prehospital care support via Fosalud, SEM, and Doctor Violeta Menjivar,ministry of health. JICA representative Yoshikaza Tachihara affirmed the donation of 1 million dollars for training.  Training will include 47 members of the SEM (emergency medical system), 90 for FOSALUD (solidarity for health,) and over 600 to 700 members of Comandos de Salvamento, Green Cross and Red Cross.

(Text and photos: Comandos de Salvamento)

Comandos Apoyan Metalero Fans de Iron Maiden


En su gira mundial de Book of Souls, la gran banda de Metal Iron Maiden llegó al estadio Mágico Gonzalez en San Salvador 6 de Marzo 2016 para tocar varios temas tras 36 años de carrera.
En solidaridad con los metaleros Salvadoreños y otros Centro Americanos, Comandos atendieron a varios de los fans esperando afuera del estadio y durante el gran show inolvidable. #uptheirons


Prepared for Holy Week 2015

Semana Santa 2015The Central Base of CDS is prepared to face whatever emergency that Holy Week vacation time manifests.

Our lifeguards are stationed at most every main beach throughout the country and are thoroughly trained in shallow and deep water rescues.

Preparados por la beach blanket bingo locura de Semana Santa en Playa San Diego.
Preparados por la beach blanket bingo locura de Semana Santa en Playa San Diego.


Gunshot in the Tiendona Market


CDS carry the patient towards the ambulance through various passageways of the large Tiendona market.
CDS carry the patient towards the ambulance through various passageways of the large Tiendona market.

CDS first responders were immediately dispatched to a shooting in the Tiendona market in eastern San Salvador to attend to 46yo security guard Orlando Cruz. The patient presented with 6 bullet wounds in the chest and 1 in his right thigh. One bullet grazed his face. He was immediately transported to the social security hospital.



Cadaver Recovery

La PNC ayudando en la recuperación.
La PNC ayudando en la recuperación.

A CDS recovery team was dispatched to assist the body of 27yo José Mauricio Melgar Vásquez who was found early this morning March 24th 2015 in Ciudad Delgado. The recovery took place in a 15 meter ravine located in the Colonia San José II.

Edgar Jhonny Ramos y Oreos Comandos recuperando el cadaver.
Edgar Jhonny Ramos y otros Comandos recuperando el cadaver.

The victim presented with various fractures and the cause of death is unknown.

Simulated Holy Week Training

Noemi, 15 and Gabi, 14 ready to rappel from the Huey.

CDS and the Salvadoran Airforce collaborated today in practicing two deep water rescue missions at Majahual beach in preparation for Holy Week vacation in one week.


Premature Baby Rescued

Our affiliate base in Ilopango took part in rescue efforts together with National Firefighters in the La Palma neighborhood of  San Martin to save a premature baby who had been born after a young mother gave birth for unknown reasons in an outhouse. The neonate was quickly cleaned and stabilized and transported to San Bartolo hospital.

Salvadoran EMS and Community Health

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