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A Letter from Ground Zero in Ecuador

Asesoramiento en Ecuador por USAR El Salvador
Scene assessment by USAR El Salvador in Portoviejo Manabi Ecuador.

Hi Dad, I’m sending some fotos of our work yesterday April 16 at around 12:30 pm in a village called Portoviejo, Manabi.

We have been going between various cities here without electricity or Internet but these can be found. We have met local USAR teams and those from Venezuela, México, Colombia.  It is quite a chilling and frightening experience here because 80% of the buildings are destroyed here in Manabi. We have been calling out and listening for survivors and also marking buildings.  Proudly I can say that the Salvadoran USAR team is very highly trained and professional as all the other international teams present. I’ll send more photos soon, take care of yourself dad. I love you very much. orgullosamente estamos muy a la altura de otros USAR internacionales. Roberto Campos.

Fotos: Jhonny Ramos/Comandos de Salvamento.

Other Comandos go to Ecuador

Elder Lovos, David Hernandez, David Flores y Ricardo Leiva. Todos expertos en rescate urbana,
Elder Lovos, David Hernandez, David Flores y Ricardo Leiva. Todos expertos en rescate urbana,

Cuatro more Comandos that are part of the Salvadoran USAR team will be heading to Ecuador to participate in search and recovery efforts. Other rescue agencies will include the Green Cross, Red Cross and National Fire Fighters. We pray for a safe mission while helping Ecuadorans and their safe return.-Governing Board of CDS.

Solidarity with Ecuador

Jhonny, Antonio, and Roberto of CDS leave son to participante in USAR efforts in Equador.
Jhonny, Antonio, and Roberto of CDS leave soon to participante in USAR efforts in Equador.

Recently, a USAID sponsored training to formulate a national USAR team has finished and the Salvadoran government will be sending part of the Salvadoran National Urban Search and Rescue team to Ecuador to participate in search and rescue/recovery efforts.

Edgar Jhonny Fernández, Antonio Barrera, and Roberto Cortez, of Comandos de Salvamento will soon be departing and we wish them all a safe trip helping the people of Ecuador.

The Comandos de Salvamento have acquired a large amount of experience in responding to natural disasters over the last 30 years including earthquakes of 1986 and 2001 in San Salvador, hurricane Mitch, and numerous episodes of floorings and Mass Casualty Incidents.

Japan offers Pre-Hospital Care Support

image Con el objetivo de capacitar a las personas que integran los distintos cuerpos de socorro, Fosalud y SEM, la Ministra de Salud, Dra. Violeta Menjívar, firmó el pasado lunes un proyecto de “Fortalecimiento de las capacidades para la atención de emergencias médicas en el ámbito prehospitalario en El Salvador”, con la Agencia de Cooperación Internacional del Japón (JICA).Yoshikaza Tachihara, representante de Agencia de Cooperación Internacional del Japón, afirmó que la donación de un millón de dólares, vendrá a fortalecer los conocimientos para a los voluntarios que forman parte del sistema prehospitalario. Los grupos que serán beneficiados en las distintas capacitaciones 47 del Sistema de Emergencia Médica (SEM), 90 del Fondo Solidario para la Salud (Fosalud) y entre 600 a 700 de Comandos de Salvamento, Cruz Verde y Cruz Roja.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has started the groundwork in offering formal prehospital care support via Fosalud, SEM, and Doctor Violeta Menjivar,ministry of health. JICA representative Yoshikaza Tachihara affirmed the donation of 1 million dollars for training.  Training will include 47 members of the SEM (emergency medical system), 90 for FOSALUD (solidarity for health,) and over 600 to 700 members of Comandos de Salvamento, Green Cross and Red Cross.

(Text and photos: Comandos de Salvamento)

1st National Extrication Course


Comandos de Salvamento along with help from and Glasswing International sponsored a 2 day course on Vehicular Extrication at Ilopango Airport December 7th and 8th. Groups represented were The Green Cross, the UMO branch of the National Civilian Police, Bomberos Nacionales, and Comandos de Salvamento. Over 80 students learned how to size up a motor vehicle accident, and safely use electrical, hydraulic, and manual tools to help save lives. Comandos personally thanks Hi-lift, AJAX, Ringers, and HURST, for creating great and dependable equipment used in the course and also used every night after each class to do real extrications. The Puyallup Extrication Team sent 6 of their top instructors for the Workshop. Present were, President Jeff Pugh, and instructors, Ryan Taylor, Andrew Krasner, Charlie Kemp, Gus Alcala and Anthony John. PXTEAM donated an AJAX Neumatic Air chisel, some sawzaw blades, Comandos thanks Mark Hoffman of Salvamed and Nick Fling and Celina de Sola of Glasswing International for making this big project a success. Mark was also able to get the Urban Rescue Squad another Medium First Responder Jack from Hi-Lift which was recently used to lift a car off of two motorcycles.

More fotos of individual graduates of the workshop receiving diplomas from PXTEAM President Jeff Pugh located on our flickr site.

El Salvador’s First EMT-B Class Graduates


24 Comandos de Salvamento Volunteers graduated today as EMT-Bs sponsored and acredited by SouthWestern College of San Diego and taught by Paramedic Devin Price. The class was taught in three parts when north american paramedics traveled to El Salvador in 2012. The course was sponsored by Southwestern College and Devin Price. Norwegian People’s Aid, who has assisted Comandos since 1984, also helped out with logistics. Fotos: CDS.


Simpson Najarro y Kathy Mejia, Comandos Orgullos y ahora TEM-B certificados tras la USA.

More Fotos Here.