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Motor vehicle accidents

More MVAs

6 people injured in this motor vehicle accident.

Comandos de Salvamento ingreso a los lesionados.

CDS responded to a 6 patient MVA , and packaged and transported the patients to higher level of care. Injuries were various and complicated but all were stable. They were transported to Hospital Rosales.

Las víctimas del vuelco fueron llevadas al Hospital Rosales.

Another accident involved an extrication of a female and Jaws of Life was utilized.

Los automotores colisionaron sobre el Bulevar Venezuela dejando una persona atrapada.
La mujer fue auxiliada por los Comandos de Salvamento.
Después de su liberación fue ingresada a un centro asistencial.

Another MVA

Attending EMS providers in the back of the ambulance.

2 people were injured during an MVA that took place along the highway to the international airport at the overpass of Santo Tomas. EMS providers intervened to assist the injured and transported them to local hospitals after rescuing them from their car that had fallen over a small embankment.


The injured reported, “imperfect mechanical problems,” as the cause of the accident.

El automotor cayó a una pequeña barranca

MVAs Increase Daily

Socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento auxilian a motociclista.

CDS has increased their responses to MVAs over the last few days throughout the capitol. Motorcycle accidents have been common place, mostly caused by carelessness or vehicles not seeing the motorcyclists.

Cerca de 5 motociclistas son atendidos por accidentes.
Las falsas llamadas afectan a Comandos por el gasto de combustible,
La pronta atención es vital para salvar una vida.

2 DOAs in fatal accident

Automotor hizo giro prohibido causa accidente.Socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento de El Congo y Santa Ana, atienden accidente de tránsito reportado sobre el kilómetro 54 de la carretera que de San Salvador conduce al occidente del país, dejando dos personas fallecidas. A driver caused a terrible accident after making a wrong turn and CDS from El Congo and Santa Ana supported the scene. The accident took place at KM 54 along the San Salvador Highway in the western part of the country. A pickup and motorcycle were involved. The DOAs are being identified at this time by Medicina Legal Forensics and the district attorney.


Dos personas que se transportaban en una motocicleta perdieron la vida en accidente de tránsito.

Another accident took place at KM 8 towards Troncal del Norte and the injured were transported to local hospitals.

Un motociclista sufre accidente en Carretera Troncal del Norte Km. 8.

Yet another accident took place at km 30 along the panamerican highway near the minicipio de Santa Cruz Michapa in the dept of Cuscatlan which involved a route 124 bus and a car.

En Santa Cruz Michapa accidente deja solo daños materiales.