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Gunshot in the Tiendona Market


CDS carry the patient towards the ambulance through various passageways of the large Tiendona market.
CDS carry the patient towards the ambulance through various passageways of the large Tiendona market.

CDS first responders were immediately dispatched to a shooting in the Tiendona market in eastern San Salvador to attend to 46yo security guard Orlando Cruz. The patient presented with 6 bullet wounds in the chest and 1 in his right thigh. One bullet grazed his face. He was immediately transported to the social security hospital.



2 MVAs


CDS attended 2 MVA scenes in different areas of San Salvador. One was located at 18Av.Nte y calle concepción, and the second at calle Antigua towards san marcos at km marker 8 1/2. Three patients with light injuries  were attended to.

Papaturro Curve

Lesionados en Accidente de Transito
63yo Gerardo Barrios and 34yo Yanira Barrios were attended to by comandos de salvamento after their vehicle malfunctioned causing an accident on what is known as the curve of papaturro. The patients were stabilized and transported to la Unidad de salud in La Libertad. Foto: CDS

Comandos to the Rescue 2013

Under the slogan “When your pain is inevitable, to relieve it is my mission” Comandos de Salvamento will be doing their operation “Comandos to the Rescue 2013” held during Holy Week from March 24-30th. To inaugurate the operation, CDS performs an emergency drill on the beach of El Majahual where over 1,300 volunteers including 140 lifeguards participate to test their skills in the care of people who need aid.

Roberto Cortez Orlando Cruz, Executive Director of CDS reports the goal of yearly drills is to “assess the capabilities of lifeguards and volunteer lifeguards to meet their potential and move the right people to beaches and our first-aid highway stations during Holy Week “. The Salvadoran Air Force collaborates with a Huey helicopter and local fisherman offer two fishing boats to carry out evacuation of victims in shallow and deep waters.

EMS providers are prepared in basic first aid and advanced skills and lifeguards receive training at Obispo Beach for a year by CDS veterans who are residents of surrounding beach communities. The drill will also assess the quality of patient care from volunteers that will be located in the “El área de concentración de victimas” (beach hospital) where they will be triaged for rapid transport if need. CDS intends to serve Salvadorans during the upcoming Easter holidays and fulfill its mandate to “save the lives of people when they are in danger as a result of nature or of man.”

Fotos: Francisco Campos

Gunshot Assault


Comandos attended to 60yo Mr. Joseph in a local sidewalk cafe  within La Colonia Medica San Salvador after he was attacked. The victim said he was assaulted and shot in the leg after leaving a
nearby bank. He was stabilized and immediately transported to the nearest hospital. Photo courtesy of CDS / Ricardo Segura.

Gunshots at the Pollo Roast/Bus Crash

balfeb2_13c Comandos de Salvamento attended to numerous emergencies this Wednesday February 6th including 2 MVA victims and 2 gunshot patients at a chicken roast shop in Mejicanos. 2 young females, 16yo Angelina Abigail Rodriguez and 24yo Ana Lilian Cordero were injured when 2 buses colided along la Alameda Juan Pablo II and Calle Concepción in San Salvador. Both were stabilized and transported to Rosales Hospital. Gunshot victims were employees at the Chicken Roast shop, 32yo José Luis Vasquez and 19yo Marlón Francisco Pleytez. The incident happened when the security guard of the establishment Manuel Beltrán, accidently discharged his weapon. Both patients were given rapid transport to expidite treatment of injuries sustained.Fotos: Ricardo Segura.

Gunshot Downtown


Recently, the Central Base dispatched an EMS unit to downtown San Salvador at  la 2 calle ote. and av. España to attend to a 19yo gunshot patient. He was immediately transported to Rosales Hospital. Comandos Alcides and Yoni implemented CPR with Bag Valve Mask along the way.

Foto: CDS/Carlos Fuentes

MVA Female Extrication


35 yo Reina Felicita Hernandez was extricated alive from the inside of a vehicle with plates P-17457 by Bomberos and CDS USAR squads that found her in the rear of the vehicle at KM 16 in Santo Tomas. She was stabilized and immediately transported to Rosales Hospital with multiple injuries. 15 yo Ana Éster, 9yo Carla María, 7yo Julio Alejandro, and 64 yo Julio Hernan were attended to on scene for non acute injuries suffered. According to bystanders, the car was crushed when it was rammed by a pickup with plates P-17457. The driver was taken into custody for questioning.