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Buried Alive Rescue

EMS staff from CDS rescued 50yo Mario Antonio Ramirez after he was buried under a wall that he was working on when it fell apart. The incident happened at  la 23ª. Avenida Norte and cross street la Alameda Juan Pablo II en San Salvador. The patient was immediately packaged and transported to Rosales Hospital.

Socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento trasladan a Mario Antonio Ramírez, de 50 años.



EMS Calls Increase over the last Few Hours

One person lost their lives when an illegal fireworks factory “Coheteria” exploded.
Four more burn victims were assisted by Comandos de Salvamento first responders.

CDS has intensified it’s operations over the last few days due to the high number of emergency calls accumulated. There was a firework factory explosion in Ciudad Delgado in Colonia la Milagrosa.  The National Bomberos also assisted. Comandos de Salvamento offered mental health support for those overwhelmed by the experience and also fought the fire side by side with firefighters.



Newborn Rescued

Comandos de Salvamento rescued a newborn infant then Doctors from the American Embassy in Santa Tecla did a physical exam to assure it’s safety and positive health. 

Comandos de Salvamento were dispatched to a newborn left in a cardboard box along the Blvd Orden de Malta, in the Urbanización Santa Elena, municipio of Antiguo Cuscatlán, Departament of La Libertad.

People overheard the infants cries and then notified the police and CDS who arrived shortly after to verify it was of good health.  The baby was not even 24 hrs old. After medical personnel from the U.S. Embassy assured the infant was stable, it was turned over to the Unidad de la familia dept of the National Civilian Police.

Turning the infant over to the police. .

Fire Destroys Pallet Factory

Volunteer CDS workers give a local bombero a break by holding the hose.

A large fire destroyed a pallet manufacturing plant this afternoon near KM 26 along the Highway between San Salvador and Sonsonate near Lourde, Colón, in the dept of La Libertad.

The fire started at the Tarimas El Angel business mid day and employees tried to put it out but instead decided to save their lives instead. Comandos arrived in order to manage crowd control and help local firefighters control the fire.  5 ambulances, 3 water tanks, and 2 firetrucks were on scene to support.

Comandos are trained to fight fires.