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Remembering Route 47


CDS would like to take the time and ask all to remember the terrorist attack in Mejicanos two years ago today when a bus from route 47 was taken hostage by gang members and driven to an isolated street where the victims were locked inside, gasolined, and lit on fire. Comando veteran EMS responder Luis Colato recounts that it was, “the most sad scene we had witnessed since the general offensive in 89, the gang members were pointing guns at us not letting us do our work”. While some were able to escape through windows, most later died at the hospital due to smoke inhalation and advanced burns.

Children’s Museum Staff Visits Bajo Lempa

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The Tin Marin Childrens Museum located in Cuscatlan Park in San Salvador decided to send some staff members accompanied by Comandos de Salvamento to entertain children affected by flooding in Bajo Lempa. The entertainment took place in the shelter of San Juan del Gozo. Piñata breaking and face painting took place after 400 small toys were given out. CDS supports such endeavors since it addresses the mental health needs of those that have lost homes and belongings to natural disaster flooding. Salvadorans are one of the most resilient people in the world, and usually bounce right back to normal life fairly quickly. These events augment this process of recovery. Comandos Medical Brigades plan on doing visits over the next few days to prevent possible epidemics and mitigate negative physical and mental health symptoms as a result of the disaster. Foto: Carlos Fuentes

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