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Comandos Apoyan Metalero Fans de Iron Maiden


En su gira mundial de Book of Souls, la gran banda de Metal Iron Maiden llegó al estadio Mágico Gonzalez en San Salvador 6 de Marzo 2016 para tocar varios temas tras 36 años de carrera.
En solidaridad con los metaleros Salvadoreños y otros Centro Americanos, Comandos atendieron a varios de los fans esperando afuera del estadio y durante el gran show inolvidable. #uptheirons


Comandos to the Rescue 2013

Under the slogan “When your pain is inevitable, to relieve it is my mission” Comandos de Salvamento will be doing their operation “Comandos to the Rescue 2013” held during Holy Week from March 24-30th. To inaugurate the operation, CDS performs an emergency drill on the beach of El Majahual where over 1,300 volunteers including 140 lifeguards participate to test their skills in the care of people who need aid.

Roberto Cortez Orlando Cruz, Executive Director of CDS reports the goal of yearly drills is to “assess the capabilities of lifeguards and volunteer lifeguards to meet their potential and move the right people to beaches and our first-aid highway stations during Holy Week “. The Salvadoran Air Force collaborates with a Huey helicopter and local fisherman offer two fishing boats to carry out evacuation of victims in shallow and deep waters.

EMS providers are prepared in basic first aid and advanced skills and lifeguards receive training at Obispo Beach for a year by CDS veterans who are residents of surrounding beach communities. The drill will also assess the quality of patient care from volunteers that will be located in the “El área de concentración de victimas” (beach hospital) where they will be triaged for rapid transport if need. CDS intends to serve Salvadorans during the upcoming Easter holidays and fulfill its mandate to “save the lives of people when they are in danger as a result of nature or of man.”

Fotos: Francisco Campos

Agostinos 2012

desfile correro 2012

From the 27th to Monday the 7th of August, CDS will be supporting the Salvadoran public during the Agostinos Patron Saint festival dedicated to the Savior of the World. EMS stations are present at the Consuma in the Feria, and Don Rua Carnival near San Miguelito.

On August 5th, Comandos will also be participating in the traditional procession of El Salvador del Mundo and the Transfiguration event.

For emergencies please call 2221 1310. Fotos: CDS/Marco

desfile correro 2012

UES Medical School Recognition

UESReconocimiento 2012_1

CDS has recieved formal recognition from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of El Salvador for their work in training first year medical students in first aid and pre-hospital care. Doctor Adalberto Coto offered formal thanks to Wilmer Lobo, president of Comandos de Salvamento.  Wilmer gave some words of thanfullness and encouragement to students. Other volunteer comandos that recieved recognition were Luis Kolatto, Ricardo Leiva, Elver Flores, Cristian Flores, Jhony Días and Carlos Vasquez. The Comandos EMS school continues to offer training to the UES, and other Salvadoran institutions and private entities in order to enhance the quality of Pre-Hospital Care awareness throughout El Salvador.

UESReconocimiento 2012_2 UESReconocimiento 2012_3

Mission Statement During Stressful Political Events


Today, Comando community support teams utilized crisis intervention skills in attending to numerous injured followers of political parties that confronted one another in the streets due to the upcoming municipal elections in March. The Association of Comandos de Salvamento El Salvador respectfully requests all political parties and their supporters to allow us to fulfill our mission statement of, “SAVING THE LIVES OF PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF RACE, RELIGION, OR POLITICAL CREED.  For over 40 years, Comandos de Salvamento has been able to neutrally manage acute internal strife on the streets and in the countryside of El Salvador.  We hope for a safe election season this year and ask you to also respect our EMS colleagues from the Green and Red Cross when offering first aid to patients in public.  Photos: CDS/Carlos Fuentes/Orlando Villalobos.

Small Fires in the City


Incendio Forestal

Comando Volunteers worked to put out a small forest fire located at final de la Autopista Norte y quinta Avenida Norte near the entrance of Mejicanos. Since it is the dry season, there have been numerous small fire events. CDS advises the public to not throw any cigarretes out the window while driving near grass fields. Foto: CDS