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Translators Needed


We are always on the look out for any volunteers to translate our blog entries and to polish up our main pages via our wordpress content management system. Must be bilingual in Norwegian/English or Norwegian/Español. Please contact Marco @ for more information.

Line of Duty Death: Erick Beltrán

This last Sunday April 10th, 14 year old volunteer Erick Beltrán was murdered while on shift at the Quetzaltepeque base of Comandos de Salvamento. Below is a formal response from the CDS Board of Directors.


Press Release:

The Board of Directors and Executive Management of Comandos de Salvamento significantly mourns death of young 14yo volunteer  Erick Beltran due to an incident that occurred on Sunday April 10, within the premises of the CDS Quezaltepeque Delegation.

The murder is an attack on the neutral voluntary work of the Comandos de Salvamento whose mission is “to rescue the lives of people, when in danger from causes of nature or of man

CDS leadership calls for groups involved with violent activities to respect the humanitarian work of Comandos de Salvamento and other EMS agencies.

CDS work under the principle of being a neutral impartial and independent institution. We have a great commitment to the Salvadoran people suffering from the effects of violence, and we continue working to bring relief to those in need.

We offer our sincere condolences to the family of first responder Erick Beltrán and we join in solidarity with the local branch of Quezaltepeque which has more than 20 years serving the community of northern San Salvador.

God, Courage, Loyalty

For Security and for Safety

Prepared for Holy Week 2015

Semana Santa 2015The Central Base of CDS is prepared to face whatever emergency that Holy Week vacation time manifests.

Our lifeguards are stationed at most every main beach throughout the country and are thoroughly trained in shallow and deep water rescues.

Preparados por la beach blanket bingo locura de Semana Santa en Playa San Diego.
Preparados por la beach blanket bingo locura de Semana Santa en Playa San Diego.


WPML and New Design

The website has been out of commission for over a year.
We had to update our site plugins regarding multilingual content and we are grateful for the developers @ to donate their plugin to our agency. We are hoping most pages will be in Norwegian also. We are still looking for translator volunteers.

Comandos to the Rescue 2013

Under the slogan “When your pain is inevitable, to relieve it is my mission” Comandos de Salvamento will be doing their operation “Comandos to the Rescue 2013” held during Holy Week from March 24-30th. To inaugurate the operation, CDS performs an emergency drill on the beach of El Majahual where over 1,300 volunteers including 140 lifeguards participate to test their skills in the care of people who need aid.

Roberto Cortez Orlando Cruz, Executive Director of CDS reports the goal of yearly drills is to “assess the capabilities of lifeguards and volunteer lifeguards to meet their potential and move the right people to beaches and our first-aid highway stations during Holy Week “. The Salvadoran Air Force collaborates with a Huey helicopter and local fisherman offer two fishing boats to carry out evacuation of victims in shallow and deep waters.

EMS providers are prepared in basic first aid and advanced skills and lifeguards receive training at Obispo Beach for a year by CDS veterans who are residents of surrounding beach communities. The drill will also assess the quality of patient care from volunteers that will be located in the “El área de concentración de victimas” (beach hospital) where they will be triaged for rapid transport if need. CDS intends to serve Salvadorans during the upcoming Easter holidays and fulfill its mandate to “save the lives of people when they are in danger as a result of nature or of man.”

Fotos: Francisco Campos

A Comando Loses a Home

The home of Comando Volunteer José Mauricio Rivas Escolán was devoured by flames along with four others this Thursday afternoon at the end of 24th avenue in La Colonia San Judas San Salvador. José lost all his belongings and is now residing at our central base along with his mother  Rosa María Rivas Escolán who suffered a nervous breakdown. Whatever help for the Jose and his family is gladly welcome at our main base located at 16 Av. Norte y 9ª. Calle Oriente behind Centenario park or by calling 213 0000. Monetary help can be sent via our paypal link on the left and will be sent down by our international contact Marco from Washington State specifically in the names of Rosa and Jose via Western Union. Fotos: Carlos Fuentes