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Smaller CDS bases throughout the country.

Premature Baby Rescued

Our affiliate base in Ilopango took part in rescue efforts together with National Firefighters in the La Palma neighborhood of  San Martin to save a premature baby who had been born after a young mother gave birth for unknown reasons in an outhouse. The neonate was quickly cleaned and stabilized and transported to San Bartolo hospital.


Swift Water Rescue Practice


Veteran CDS Volunter Carlos Fuente was sent from the Central Base to Jiquilisqo Bajo Lempa to teach swift water rescue techniques to 20 delegate members of San Marcos and Bajo Lempa. Every fall, dams release built up water levels flooding communities below them.

International Representative Mark Hoffman is looking for donations for Rescue Throw bags wether new or used. Please contact him at marco @ if you or your organization would like to collaborate.