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Geriatric Rescue

Comando EMS aseguran el bienestar del paciente.
Comando EMS securing patient for transport.
The High Angle Rescue team from Comandos de Salvamento was able to rescue 77yo MarÍa Francisca Orellana de after she accidentally fell into a 30 meter deep well in the Community of El Plan within la Colonia Margot in Apopa north of San Salvador. She was secured and imediately transported safely to Zacamil Hospital in Ayutuxtepeque.

Fotos Cortesía CDS/ Carlos Fuentes

El proceso del rescate por el equipo de rescate CDS.
Rescue efforts in the well by the High Angle team.

“Juventud+Servicio, Seguridad del Prójimo”
@alertacomando ‪#‎yorespondo‬ 2016

Other Comandos go to Ecuador

Elder Lovos, David Hernandez, David Flores y Ricardo Leiva. Todos expertos en rescate urbana,
Elder Lovos, David Hernandez, David Flores y Ricardo Leiva. Todos expertos en rescate urbana,

Cuatro more Comandos that are part of the Salvadoran USAR team will be heading to Ecuador to participate in search and recovery efforts. Other rescue agencies will include the Green Cross, Red Cross and National Fire Fighters. We pray for a safe mission while helping Ecuadorans and their safe return.-Governing Board of CDS.

Solidarity with Ecuador

Jhonny, Antonio, and Roberto of CDS leave son to participante in USAR efforts in Equador.
Jhonny, Antonio, and Roberto of CDS leave soon to participante in USAR efforts in Equador.

Recently, a USAID sponsored training to formulate a national USAR team has finished and the Salvadoran government will be sending part of the Salvadoran National Urban Search and Rescue team to Ecuador to participate in search and rescue/recovery efforts.

Edgar Jhonny Fernández, Antonio Barrera, and Roberto Cortez, of Comandos de Salvamento will soon be departing and we wish them all a safe trip helping the people of Ecuador.

The Comandos de Salvamento have acquired a large amount of experience in responding to natural disasters over the last 30 years including earthquakes of 1986 and 2001 in San Salvador, hurricane Mitch, and numerous episodes of floorings and Mass Casualty Incidents.

Line of Duty Death: Erick Beltrán

This last Sunday April 10th, 14 year old volunteer Erick Beltrán was murdered while on shift at the Quetzaltepeque base of Comandos de Salvamento. Below is a formal response from the CDS Board of Directors.


Press Release:

The Board of Directors and Executive Management of Comandos de Salvamento significantly mourns death of young 14yo volunteer  Erick Beltran due to an incident that occurred on Sunday April 10, within the premises of the CDS Quezaltepeque Delegation.

The murder is an attack on the neutral voluntary work of the Comandos de Salvamento whose mission is “to rescue the lives of people, when in danger from causes of nature or of man

CDS leadership calls for groups involved with violent activities to respect the humanitarian work of Comandos de Salvamento and other EMS agencies.

CDS work under the principle of being a neutral impartial and independent institution. We have a great commitment to the Salvadoran people suffering from the effects of violence, and we continue working to bring relief to those in need.

We offer our sincere condolences to the family of first responder Erick Beltrán and we join in solidarity with the local branch of Quezaltepeque which has more than 20 years serving the community of northern San Salvador.

God, Courage, Loyalty

For Security and for Safety