Doctors of the Americas train Salvadoran Doctors

Doctores de las Américas held a conference for Advanced Life Support and care for providers of FOSALUD, the Salvadoran National EMS system, and for Doctors and first responders of Comandos de Salvamento.  Classes included the use of advanced equipment such as a portable scanner that can detect internal bleeding.

Scanning for hemorrhaging in a patient.

Dr. Peter LoFaso explains artificial breathing.

Dr. Andrew Badulak leader of Doctors of the Americas leads the opening of the conference.

Doctors of the Americas Long Standing Mission to El Salvador

Dr. Andrew Badulak,chief leader of Doctors of the Americas.

Love for their fellow man is the main reason Doctors of the Americas exists. They exchange sadness for a wonderful smile via medication or clothing donations.

For the last 15 years, Comandos de Salvamento have hosted Doctors of the Americas for health brigades that include ophthalmology and general health consults for the poor of El Salvador.

Young Medical students join this group in the United States, and some stay on as permanent volunteers throughout their professional career. Jóvenes médicos que se unen a esta organización en los Estados Unidos y que ocupan sus vacaciones para poder llegar al país y realizar dichas jornadas, sin importar la distancia ni las incomodidades con las que se cuenta para poder realizar su trabajo, ellos siempre están dispuestos a servir. Dr. Usaima Sidiqi, spouse of Andrew, accompanied him this year.

Said doctors from the USA also do small surgeries, and give out toys to needy children that are waiting for other family members that are having consults.

Dr. Farhan Shah doing a small surgery in  San Carlos Lempa, during the health brigade in collaboration with Comandos.

Julia Badulak returns to El Salvador after 9 years with spouse Robert McCaw.
Dra. Usaima Sidiqi with her fracture, takes a rest in San Carlos Lempa.

Another small surgery in San Miguel Tepezontes.


Optomotrists Helping Salvadorans

Dr. Eileen Howard and Dr. Audrey Chen.

Cuando el corazón de una mujer es para todos es lo más bonito y mejor aún cuando es para el pueblo salvadoreño. When a woman’s heart loves all, it is even more powerful when that energy goes towards the people of El Salvador. Doctors Eileen Howard and Audrey Chen met eachother with this same vision while working together in collaboration with Comandos de Salvamento during health brigade work in marginalized areas of El Salvador.

Dr. Chen first volunteered in 2011 and then 2 years later invited then student Howard and they have collaborated ever since with Doctors of the Americas.

 The students themselves pay to travel to El Salvador to help the most needed.


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The Red Cross Suffers an MVA

CDS was dispatched to assist 4 EMS providers of the red cross when they were involved in an accident along la Alameda Juan Pablo II and la 1ª. Avenida Norte in San Salvador.

The red cross crew was returning from supporting a sporting event when the accident happened, and the 4 victims were transported to Zacamil Hospital in Ayutuxtepeque. Others injured were attended to by the red cross themselves.

4 red cross first responders were secured, packaged and transported immediately to higher level of care.


Ophthalmology Health Brigades Start

Students from the California school of Optometry and volunteers of Médicos de las Américas began some health brigade consults along side Comandos de Salvamento within some marginalized communities of Nejapa, north of San Salvador.

This collaborative relationship has assisted in thousands of people obtain vision healthcare. Later this week other members from Médicos de las Américas will start health brigades throughout the country to assist geriatric, youth and children.

Along with free vision consults, Comandos pharmaceutical professionals will be on hand with family care providers to offer general health consultations.

A U.S. Opthamologist taking time on her vacation to coordinate care in solidarity with Comandos de Salvamento.

Students from the California Optometry School are in charge to check in patients.

 Free glasses are donated to patients after the initial vision consult.

Physician Eileen Howard putting a pair of glasses to good use.

A Comando health professional cultural liaison assists in healthcare support .

Students from the California school of Ophtamology do fundraising to get donated glasses to give out in El Salvador.


Patron Saint Days Vacation Ends

Comandos again participate in the yearly procession of the Salvador del Mundo.

CDS does their yearly carrying of Salvador del Mundo from the Basílica del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús to the Central Metropolitan Cathedral in downtown San Salvador.

More than 50 Comandos carrying the weight.

The procession going along the Calle Rubén Darío in downtown San Salvador.

The new cardinal, Gregorio Rosa Chávez and the archbishop of San Salvador Monseñor José Luis Escobar Alas.


6 DOA and Many Injured in Olocuilta

Seis personas fallecidas y cerca de 15 heridos fue el saldo de un accidente de tránsito ocurrido sobre la Autopista a Comalapa a la altura del pupusodro de Olocuilta, departamento de La Paz.

6 dead and 15 injured were the result of an MVA that took place on the freeway to the international airport near the pupusa stands in La Paz dept.

Comandos de Salvamento collaborated with other first responders to recover and rescue passengers from a local bus that fell down an embankment. Forensics from Medicina a legal are present still identifying the deceased.


Socorristas luchan contra el tiempo para salvar la vida de las personas que iban en la buseta que cayó a barranca de 15 metros.

Cerca de 15 pasajeros resultaron lesionados.

Excursionistas iban con destino a San Marcelino.

Lesionados fueron llevados a distintos centros asistenciales.


Salvadoran EMS and Community Health

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