CDS Supports the Public during Day of the Dead

Comandos de Salvamento present at most cemeteries throughout the country. .

Hundreds of volunteers from the Comandos stood vigilant and prepared at most cemeteries while family members placed flowers and paid respect to their past loved ones

Comandos de Salvamento attended to various people that suffered hypertension and other common first aid presentations.

En Quezaltepeque se montó una clínica para la atención de pacientes en las afueras del Campo Santo.
Personas sufrieron desmayos e insolación en distintos cementerios.
Los voluntarios de Comandos de Salvamento atienen a persona en Jardínes del Recuerdo.
Socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento brindan asistencia pre hospitalaria en Cementerio La Bermeja.
Voluntarios de Comandos de Salvamento de Apopa.
Personal de Comandos de Salvamento brinda asistencias en las afueras del Cementerio de Apopa.

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Fire Destroys Pallet Factory

Volunteer CDS workers give a local bombero a break by holding the hose.

A large fire destroyed a pallet manufacturing plant this afternoon near KM 26 along the Highway between San Salvador and Sonsonate near Lourde, Colón, in the dept of La Libertad.

The fire started at the Tarimas El Angel business mid day and employees tried to put it out but instead decided to save their lives instead. Comandos arrived in order to manage crowd control and help local firefighters control the fire.  5 ambulances, 3 water tanks, and 2 firetrucks were on scene to support.

Comandos are trained to fight fires.

Selma has Comandos on Alert

The road to Planes de Renderos was barely holding out during the Selma Tropical Storm.

Comandos are staying on alert due to the tropical storm increasing over the last few hours in El Salvador

CDS Eastern delegate bases are on call and ready to respond at any moments notice while monitoring river levels and homes that could be affected in case of flooding. Humble living areas have been affected in Apastepeque, San Vicente but no injuries or missing people have been reported. Strong winds in the Dept of Usulután have caused large trees to collapse.

Varios árboles se derribaron ante las ráfagas de vientos de Selma.

Los vientos en las primeras horas de la mañana destruyeron algunos techos de viviendas en Apastepeque.
La lluvia causo desbordamiento sobre la carretera Panamericana a la altura de Apastepeque, San Vicente.
La lluvia causo desbordamiento sobre la carretera Panamericana a la altura de Apastepeque, San Vicente.

Venezuela Blvd Accident leaves Two Injured

The Comandos Extrication Team attended the accident located in Barrio Lourdes.

The Urban Extrication Team was immediately dispatched to the Bulevar Venezuela when 73yo driver Alfredo Antonio Monzón Rodríguez crashed into another car.

He was extricated along with another person, 28yo Alejandra Ayala

Alfredo Antonio Monzón Rodríguez, de 73 is secured and prepared for transport.

The accident caused a large traffic backup, “trabazón”.


MCI Bus Accident

Ocho personas resultaron lesionadas al accidentarse dos unidades del transporte colectivo en esta capital, sobre la 15ª. Calle Oriente y la Avenida España.

8 people were injured during two bus accidents along the 15 calle Oriente and Ave. España. First Responders from Comandos secured and transported them to nearby hospitals. Victims included the following: Emelí Menjívar, de 3 años; Berta Alvarado, de 63; Jennifer Mata, de 21; Yolanda Arias, de 69; Rosmeri Vargas, de 33; Guadalupe Arias, de 38; Héctor González, de 38 y Lilian González, de 44.

Los socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento atendieron a las víctimas.
Socorristas auxilian a los heridos.
Los lesionados fueron llevados a diferentes centros asistenciales.
Un voluntarios de Comandos de Salvamento brinda asistencia pre hospitalaria a víctima del accidente.
Los ochos lesionados entre ellos una menor de edad fueron llevados a Hospitales.

Comandos Increase Resources for First Responder Need

Patient with possible fractured pelvis is attended to by CDS EMS first responder.

El alto nivel de delincuencia y los accidentes de tránsito son las emergencias que se atienden diariamente en Comandos de Salvamento. The high numbers of patients due to deliquency and Motor Vehicle Accidents are increasing every day. Gunshots, stabbings are an everyday occasion. Many patients every day are brought to hospitals by Salvadoran EMS services.

Motorcycle accidents have also increased due to unaware and sometimes disinterested drivers that do not care for those that ride on two wheels.  Comandos de Salvamento is one of many EMS teams throughout the country that are always on alert due to motor vehicle accidents, especially during times of rain and storms during rush hour traffic. CDS always recommends that traffic laws are obeyed and to yield to all motorcycle drivers in order to prevent tragedies.


Julio César Menjívar, of 37 years, trying to manage getting ran over by a vehicle near 50a. Ave. Nte. in San Salvador.
Julio César Mejívar, is packaged and secured.
An accident in Soyapango left one injured.
Comandos de Salvamento attends an MVA along the Carretera de Oro a la altura de Soyapango, where patient Gilberto de Jesús Cisneros, of 31 years of age, presented with many fractures.

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