Comandos at la Féria

Comandos participated again with an informational booth at la Féria CIFCO for the yearly consuma festival.  They also have first aid stations throughout la Féria.

We are also present with walk in clinic consultations, small surgery, and EMS transport service. Comandos will be present until the 6th of August and also have posts in other areas of the city and around the Cuscatlan stadium.

We will also be present at the national correro, comercial, and Salvador del Mundo events.

Shot 11 Times and Survives

Comandos de Salvamento first responders attended to 58yo Rolando Pereira who is a strong advocate for those that sell commercial items on the streets, after he had been shot 11 times on Castillo street between 18th and 20th ave North.

Pereira was secured and immediately transported by Comandos to Rosales Hospital.

Comandos Prepare for August Holidays and New Ambulances

Comandos are currently preparing for August’s annual patron saint week vacation festivities.  This starts Friday July 28th at la Féria internacional. CDS will be present at all organized events including celebrations located around el estadio cuscatlán and carnival sites throughout San Salvador. Comando youth first responders will offer first aid posts at both correo and comercio parades with 6 ambulances ready to respond for any emergency that may take place.

The infamous Comando lifeguards will be standing vigilant at all prominent beaches throughout El Salvador.

Comandos will also be present as they are every year with over 500 volunteers and 25 ambulances to offer community crowd support for the Salvador del Mundo transfiguration ceremonies at the Cathedral in downtown San Salvador.

Comandos Presente!

 Comandos proudly stand before Class A ambulance units donated by the Alburquerque Fire Dept. Rescue units prepared for immediate response!

CDS at the Good Life Festival

CDS again participated in the Good Life festival that is offered in Quezaltepeque north of San Salvador of which 40 institutions participated and of which is promoted by the Salvadoran president Prof. Salvador Sánchez Cerén

Comandos de Salvamento pone a disposición los médicos y enfermeras para poder brindar asistencia a las personas que buscan una consulta por sus diversas enfermedades, ya que en dicho festival los medicamentos son completamente gratuitos.

CDS doctors, nurses were present to offer free health consults. Geriatric consults were of particular focus.

CDS will continue with their collaborative spirit in helping the community improve health care for all.



Recognized for Heroic Efforts at Tres Torres Fire

The El Salvador Treasury department recognized Comandos de Salvamento for their heroic acts during the fire a few weeks ago at Tres Torres that cost the lives of two people. Comandos, Red Cross, National Firefighters, Salvadoran Air force and the National Civilian Police Dept. collaborated in the rescue operation.

Mauricio Ramírez Landaverde, minister of justice and public security, along with the general director of the National Civilian Police, Howard Cotto, led the cermony of recognition. “These were the first to respond and rescue many lives along with the Salvadoran Airforce who offered technical experise during this emergency,” stated Landaverde.

The Treasury dept affirmed the sacrifice, work and dedication of these rescue groups in order to save lives. Landaverde also stated, “this country has been through alot over the years and crime organizations have presented as a serious threat and by only united can we overcome this adversity.”

Foto de Colatino

CDS EMS School Teaches Students of Mejicanos

The EMS school of CDS has started teaching basic first aid to first year students  of the Japan school located in Mejicanos city of San Salvador. Each student will be learning didactic theories of being a first responder and learn how to stabilize fractures, choking, and CPR among other themes. Ambulance ride alongs will also be included to get a first hand view of EMS in San Salvador.


CDS has a mission to educate local schools about basic first aid in case they have to provide it in their school and or communities.

Jony Ramos, veteran Comando volunteer offers a didactic course to students.