Two Motor Vehicle Accidents

Early morning CDS was dispatched to attend to two separate accidents in San Salvador.  The first one was at 6:15 am near Calle 5 de Noviembre y final Calle Concepción. 42yo José Naval was injured when his motorcycle crashed into another vehicle.  He was immediately secured, packaged and transported to the Seguro Social hospital in Colonia Amatepec.

CDS first responders attending to the motorcycle accident.

CDS first responders were again dispatched to Alameda Juan Pablo II y la 18ª. Avenida Norte and offered first aid to 20yo Luis Tejada whose car was struck by another driver causing his car to roll. The driver fled the scene. This dispatch happened at 9am.

Comandos de Salvamento assists Luis Tejada, driver of the vehicle that was struck along the Alameda Juan Pablo II and la 18a. Avenida Norte en San Salvador.

Comandos Awarded Recognition by President of El Salvador

CDS were presented with face to face presidential recognition for the heroic work the institution did at the treasurery department 4th level fire last July 7th where 4 people died.

During a formal ceremony, President Sanchez Ceren formally recognized the National Fire Dept, Comandos, Green Cross, Social Security, FOSALUD, Health Ministry, and government employees of the treasury dept who collaborated together in stamping the fire out within an hour and a half.

Also recognized for their service was the occupational securitY and the environmental corps for immediately evacuating more than 320 people present in the building.

The following people received the medal star of Nu Tanesi:

Supervisor of the environmental corps and security of the treasury dept.,Carlos Castro. José Francisco Zeceña of the National Fire Dept., Jorge Alberto Meléndez, of Red Cross; Elvis Alexis Morales Rodas, Of Green Cross and veteran Comando Luis Adalberto Canales Colato.

Medals of Valor were also given to Salvadoran Airforce pilots Hector Rafael Marroquín Chacón, Sidney Ernesto Marenco Ardón, Robinson Salvador Cubias González, Luis Alfonso Amaya Medrano aircraft specialist Saúl Moisés Flores Cruz for their bravery, courage and professionalism while evacuating two employees from the roof. The Salvadoran government also donated 35,000 dollars to the Red Cross, Green Cross and Comandos to help each institution and their mission to offer EMS services throughout the country.

El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez Cerén awarding Comandos Executive Director, Roberto Cruz.

Salvador Sánchez Cerén placing an award on the coat of arms flag of Comandos de Salvamento.

 The president placing a star medal  “Nu Tanesi”  on Luis Adalberto Canales Colato.

Medallas Estrella “Nu Tanesi” otorgadas a los héroes.