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Around 50 people presented with minor and major injuries when the roof of Evangelical church -Altar of God- in Quezaltepeque fell on them. The church is located on Urrutia street in the small neighborhood of Santa Barbara of Quezaltepeque. CDS and the Salvadoran Red Cross transported patients to surrounding hospitals while others were attended at nearby FOSALUD. Triage was done on scene and those that presented with minor injuries were given basic first aid. Ambulances involved were: 5 from the central base, 2 from the delegate bases of Quezaltepeque and Apopa, and others from Red Cross.

Patients transported by Comandos to Zacamil Hospital were: Emilia Chavez  84 , Reyna Mulato 42, Fidelina López 85, Modesta Ticas 75, Dinora SánchezT 29, Sara de Chavez  44, Jerónimo Ramírez  73, Noé Cañas 18. Patients transported to other hospitals: Concepción Rosa 66, Ester Menjivar  26. Patient Sandra Nerio, 36, was taken to Rosales hospital. Fotos: Francisco Campos/CDS

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  1. marcos says:

    aclarar que esta iglesi se llama IGLESIA DE DIOS Y FUE EN LA COLONIA LAS BRISAS… SOLAMENTE…
    To clarify, this church is called Church of God and it was in Colonia Las Brisas, that’s all.

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