Salvadoran Pride: A History of One Goal Documentary

Un comando passes by special forces in the documentary, One, a history of a goal.

Comandos de Salvamento is getting closer to Hollywood more than ever. We have just been sighted in a documentary that started production  in 2008 about our international soccer team from 1982 and how that team united our spirit and pride during the start of the civil war. It is titled, “Uno, un Historia de un Gol”- one, a history of one goal. We are at the very start of this documentary walking besides special forces troops. The directors are Gerardo Muyshondt and Carlos Moreno. Whoever may have information on who shot the footage and where we can contact them please get ahold of Francisco Campos dept. of Prensa Comandos de Salvamento, or Mark in the USA at marco @ The movie will show in El Salvador at the Teatro Presidente this July 8th to the 11th 2010.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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