1st National Extrication Course


Comandos de Salvamento along with help from salvamed.org and Glasswing International sponsored a 2 day course on Vehicular Extrication at Ilopango Airport December 7th and 8th. Groups represented were The Green Cross, the UMO branch of the National Civilian Police, Bomberos Nacionales, and Comandos de Salvamento. Over 80 students learned how to size up a motor vehicle accident, and safely use electrical, hydraulic, and manual tools to help save lives. Comandos personally thanks Hi-lift, AJAX, Ringers, and HURST, for creating great and dependable equipment used in the course and also used every night after each class to do real extrications. The Puyallup Extrication Team sent 6 of their top instructors for the Workshop. Present were, President Jeff Pugh, and instructors, Ryan Taylor, Andrew Krasner, Charlie Kemp, Gus Alcala and Anthony John. PXTEAM donated an AJAX Neumatic Air chisel, some sawzaw blades, Comandos thanks Mark Hoffman of Salvamed and Nick Fling and Celina de Sola of Glasswing International for making this big project a success. Mark was also able to get the Urban Rescue Squad another Medium First Responder Jack from Hi-Lift which was recently used to lift a car off of two motorcycles.

More fotos of individual graduates of the workshop recieving diplomas from PXTEAM President Jeff Pugh located on our flickr site.

More MVAs for 2013

33yo Mauricio Regalado Melendez was extricated by our urban rescue squad from vehicle plates P 159 995 after colliding with a microbus plates 127 759. The accident occurred along the 14 av norte y 5 de noviembre. The patient was packaged and transported to Hospital Rosales.


CDS rescuers help extricate one, and helped 5 injured in an MVA located at KM 9.5 on the Troncal del Norte Highway.
Fotos: Diario Co Latino/ Ricardo Chicas Segura


Ruta 17 Extrication

Ruta 17 1

Our Urban Extrication Team participated in the removal of patient Víctor Manuel Gomez Guzmán who was driving a Ruta 17 transportation microbus. In the afternoon, on September 11th,  the microbus collided with a semi truck  that was parked at km 8 on the Planes de Renderos highway. Victor was stabilized, packaged and transported to the José Antonio Saldaña hospital. 60 year old María Margarita Gomez, who was also injured at the scene was transported also. Fotos CDS/Ricardo Chicas Segura/Francisco Campos

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